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Plum Crazy Gold chest of drawers

Dressing up this giant beauty was nothing less than fabulous fun!! She's big, bold and bossy and deserved a makeover! She is part of a larger set..... the recent queen bed that I shared with you HERE..... and a soon to be newly dressed-up night-stand! So, lets get plum crazy with gold on a chest of drawers!

Plum Crazy Gold Chest of Drawers by Tracey's Fancy

The bed was very moody and romantic..... with pops of bold pink..... so I really wanted to brighten the tone of the set by pulling forward the play on pinks!

As always... .I cleaned this piece with White Lightning which is a degreaser and deglosser in one! It helps to cut through the original shine and preps the piece for the primer. I primed the whole piece in BOSS Gray.... which is my favorite primer offered by Dixie Belle. The bonding ability of BOSS is mind blowing..... and the blocking ability really allows me to create with peace of mind against wood tannins and stains.

I removed the bottom five drawers and the hardware, lined the drawers up on the floor.... painted with two coats of Tea Rose and set aside to dry. The body of the chest was painted in two coats of Plum Crazy. I then used Plum Crazy to color wash the outer corners of the Tea Rose painted drawers. I do this by lightly misting the drawers with water..... applying a light amount of Plum Crazy with my Mini brush..... and then buffing the Plum Crazy into that water (like a wash) with my Best Dang Wax Brush. The exact opposite was done on the very top drawer. It was painted with Plum Crazy..... and I used Tea Rose and a bit of water and my Best Dang Wax brush to buff in the Tea Rose to the outer corners! Why??? I don't know.... my brain just imagines things like this sometimes!

Once all was completely dry..... I began the stencil process. The lighter drawers were stenciled with the new Victorian Damask stencil and Hurricane Gray (same color scheme as the bed).... which I actually had to cut and that made me really sad. Not even taping off, worked to get it into the deep inset of the drawer fronts. But my mind was set on this design so I made the stencil sacrifice! I used the Premium chip brush to stencil the pattern with the dry brush/pouncing method you've seen me use many times. I also used a small artist brush to shadow the insets of the drawers with the same Hurricane Gray.

Plum Crazy Gold Chest of Drawers by Tracey's Fancy

I then chose the BRAND NEW smaller stencils which are the perfect size for drawer fronts and sides of drawers. I chose Tea Towel Floral for the drawer sides. It probably doesn't make sense to see florals here.... but this set has future plans for even more embellishments.... and this will all make sense in a few weeks! I love the pop of surprise with drawer side designs!

Plum Crazy Gold Chest of Drawers by Tracey's Fancy

The two drawers I saved my favorite stencil of the hours...... another brand new smaller design called Lotus Bloom! I just love the beaded garland look underneath the florals..... so I actually separated the design here. First..... I stenciled through the floral design using Gold Gilding wax and a premium chip brush. I then taped over the flowers and moved the stencil down to the second drawer and stenciled JUST the beaded garland portion. I just love this look!!! I know this stencil will be used A LOT here in my shop!

Plum Crazy Gold Chest of Drawers by Tracey's Fancy

Plum Crazy Gold Chest of Drawers by Tracey's Fancy

I allowed this to dry overnight

The wax needs time to fully dry before top coating...... so I waited. The next day I applied a single coat of Top Coat in Satin in preparation for applying Best Dang Wax in Black. By applying a top coat first..... you allow yourself more play time with the dark wax. If you choose to apply wax directly over the bare chalk mineral paint..... it instantly absorbs the wax and you aren't able to wipe back and remove as much. I applied top coat to any of the carved areas such as the faux roman column sides and the braided trim around the top. I then used my finger to apply Gold Gilding Wax to the carved areas as well. I used the premium chip brush to lightly feather dust the gold wax to each drawer corner.

After 24 hours (allowing wax time to dry)......

I applied another single coat of Top Coat in Satin for its final protective coat. The original hardware was sprayed with a metallic gold spray paint and put back into place like sparkling jewelry! I think she is beyond beautiful...... and will no doubt brighten my client's guest room with her presence! I am so thankful I have fabulous clients that let me create from my heart!

It's ok to go bold! It's ok to follow your vision! Create your own happy...... no one else is going to do it for you! XOXO, Tracey


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Plum Crazy Gold Chest of Drawers.... TaDaaa!

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