Pop Art Cabinet with Wood U Bend accents

by | Nov 15, 2019

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Every once in a while I will be asked by a client to create something from nothing. When I say nothing… I don’t really mean NOTHING… more like….. not much to work with! But then turning it into something amazing… like this pop art cabinet.

Pop Art Cabinet with rose design transfer by Tracey's Fancy
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This was one of those pieces!

  • ??Boxy
  • ??No details
  • ??No curves
  • ??No depth
  • ??BORING
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HOWEVER ….the piece had meaning to my client and her family and she really felt the simplicity left it wide open for design!

She. Was. Right!

A little scrub job (White Lightning)….. a few added molds (Wood U Bend)….. a design I found in the Dixie Belle Transfer section …. a creative idea (ME)…. and a whole lot of paint (Dixie Belle)…. and look what emerged! This pop art cabinet!

Pop Art Cabinet with rose design transfer by Tracey's Fancy
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I am so in love with this piece!!!  It portrays energy and life and happiness and just lifts my spirits when I look at it!  

I had zero intention of going the pop-art direction….although I use it often and love it…. still, it was not my plan!  See some of my other pop art pieces HERE.

I had every intention of adding the Wood U Bend molds to the main door panel to add character and a focal point. The molds are so easy to use and will blow your mind!  They are wood!  They are hard and become pliable with heat (think blow drier). You can paint, sand, saw, stain, bend, shape and build your own design by combining them!  I highly recommend my DIY lovers give them a try!

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Anyway….. molds were added (you can see the demonstration of me adding them below) and I was pleased.  

I chose four Dixie Belle colors that worked well with my client’s color scheme. I started right across the middle with Palmetto just to get a flow going! 

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Starting with the top I added colors as I worked my way down the cabinet…getting darker as I went…you can see this in the photo below.

Vintage Duck Egg


Antebellum Blue

In the Navy

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I chose to keep the finish on the front very clean…. and I continued the clean blend around one side. However….. the side that does NOT have any of the transfer carryover or stripes….. I went with my organic water washed look with all four of the colors that you see below! I love mixing techniques and finishes! Don’t be afraid to try it when creating your own piece of furniture!

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I then added the gorgeous Redesign that has been discontinued but it would be beautiful with Whimsical Wonderland Transfer. I trimmed it…. and slightly tilted the placement. But look through all the transfers to come up with your own unique design.

It was at this point something shifted in my vision. 

 I planned on full stripes inside the panel on the main cabinet door. Instead, I ended up with a fade that actually allowed my gradient color to show through… BONUS!

I also planned on stripes below the roses… but when I stepped back from the transfer… I envisioned a burst of energy!  Like beauty emerging from this piece with power!  And that is where my pop art burst came into play!!!

I couldn’t be happier with this pop art cabinet finish!  It’s youthful and promising… very much like the young couple that owns it!  It’s funny how that happens so often in my furniture art!  

And did you notice the hardware??? The bowtie look really adds a touch of fancy….. but it was actually original to the piece! I just painted what was already there.

To wrap it up… I aged and shadowed areas with Best Dang Wax Black. I sealed the entire cabinet with Top Coat in Satin…. using a brand new Applicator Pad by Dixie Belle. I wasn’t excited when they announced they’d be offering them…. but holy cow what a game changer!!!  I doubt I will ever use a brush for top coating again!!  You really should get yourself some! (they come 2 to a pack)

I’m so dang thrilled with this piece. I wish I could keep it in my shop forever! It really makes me happy every single time I walk out and see it! I don’t think my client will go for it though! I guess I’ll just have to create another!!!

AND… did you know that this cabinet has a partner piece? I was asked by my client to transform another piece (of a completely different style) to go in the same space. You can see that HERE.

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Pop Art Cabinet with rose design transfer by Tracey's Fancy
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  1. Linda

    Oh Tracey, you’re right, this piece is full of energy and beautiful. Love, love it as I do all your work! Thank you for sharing your gift with us.

  2. cynthia

    Love it! Its one of a kind and something you never find at a furniture store. You will find the right buyer and they will treasure it forever. I just sold my second dresser and shipped it across the country.

  3. Debra Hubbs

    What an amazing transformation! So beautiful. Love the colors and everything about it.



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