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Primitive Boho Ballot Box

We're here to tell the tale of a Primitive Boho Ballot Box: A Beginner's Journey

Beginners are just as capable of creating a more difficult furniture finish as someone more advanced! It is all about having a vision, gathering the right tools, building the layers one at a time, leaning on a guide or leader that you enjoy.... and knowing when to call it done!

About our beginner:

Let me introduce you to my little sister Lori..... and beginner "crafter"!! She is an admitted beginner and is using all of the products here for the very first time ever! Not only has she not used these products.... she's never even heard of them. She lives in another country and does not use social media..... so she's never even watched ME use them! She is the beginner of all beginners! She was very willing to let me walk her through a project.... not only for the fun.... but to help give ME insight to what a person thinks when doing this for the first time. I hope you find this project helpful..... and the YouTube videos helpful AND entertaining. We really enjoyed doing this together.... from thrifting, to prepping, to painting!

Choose your first project:

It's always a good idea to begin with something small. We located several small boxes at the local Goodwill. I prefer wood when painting, however metal, glass, ceramic and plastic are all paintable but will need to be prepped with Slick Stick first.

Primitive Boho Ballot Box by Tracey's Fancy

Choose your color palette:

I always recommend three colors when looking to add several colors. We chose a few more than that on this project... but three is usually a comfortable start for a beginner. My sister had WAY too many colors to choose from here..... but we were able to narrow it down to five.

Primitive Boho Ballot Box by Tracey's Fancy

Gather your tools and supplies:

Lori's choices are listed toward the end below if you like any of them.

Primitive Boho Ballot Box by Tracey's Fancy

Just Paint:

Just open the jar and dip the brush and lay down some color! It's that simple. You can use something like this project as a pattern to replicate or use it as inspiration and create your own style with it. There are not rules and no limitations! Lori chose to move in a rainbow pattern that felt comfortable to her. I talked her through how to "pounce" the paint in the shape she envisioned..... rather than painting with actual strokes. Using the pouncing method with the mister bottle really allows the paint to lay down naturally on the surface. Its a great "less than perfect" style for beginners that seems to put people at ease. I guided her through the blending or marrying of the two colors by also using the pouncing technique and blurring the line using the La Petite brush. This is demonstrated really well in the YouTube video. Once your paint design feels right.... just step away!

Primitive Boho Ballot Box by Tracey's Fancy

Let Dry:

The Dixie Belle paint dries quickly .... usually 20-30 minutes.... to touch. However in order to apply transfers your paint needs to be fully dry. I recommend a blow dryer or heat gun to force this process so you can move forward with your project. Be sure to keep your heat gun at least 8" from your project and keep it moving at all times or it will scorch your paint.

Primitive Boho Ballot Box by Tracey's Fancy

Apply Transfers to the Boho Ballot Box:

The transfers are easy to use and are so much fun! Lori loved trying these for the very first time! She chose to apply the feathers to the top of the box and let them flow over the top of the lid onto the front of the box. This is where the "primitive" comes to our Boho Ballot Box.

Primitive Boho Ballot Box by Tracey's Fancy

I explained to her how to pre-cut the transfer... remove the plastic white sheet, and lay the transfer down exactly where she wanted it. She then began the rubbing process with the provided wooden stick. It takes a few tries before understanding the "press and rub and release" action of transfer application but she actually picked it up really quickly. You can watch this in the YouTube video.... but you can actually see it in this still shot here.... lifting the transfer up while rubbing down with the stick.

Primitive Boho Ballot Box by Tracey's Fancy

Burnish Transfers:

Once the transfer is fully released it is time to burnish your transfer. This simply means.... rub gently across your entire transfer with the finishing pad to make sure all air is released and your transfer and paint become one. This is a VERY important step that you must not skip! I know it can be scary to run sand paper over the transfer... but the transfers are tough and they need to be pressed deeply into your finish to prevent future cracking or peeling!

Primitive Boho Ballot Box by Tracey's Fancy

Silk Screen Stencil Application:

Lori chose metallic gold to embellish her boho design. I demonstrated how to press the stencil in place.... and apply the gold mousse (infused with a few drops of Clear Top Coat) with a brush and press through the screen with the applicator tool. Lift and be excited! It is that easy..... and that exciting! Its the most detailed stenciling you will ever see! Here you can see me demonstrating a boho trim. Lori did do the gold stencil of the front corners of the box but I missed capturing that on film. She loved this part of the process!!

Primitive Boho Ballot Box by Tracey's Fancy

Top Protective Coat:

And that is it!!! We allowed the products time to fully dry before top coating with Easy Peasy Spray wax. I actually did this part myself as she had to return to Houston. I poured a small amount of the clear spray wax into a bowl and applied with a premium chip brush. One coat and done! This top coat dries in about 15 minutes! It is amazing!

Primitive Boho Ballot Box by Tracey's Fancy

Primitive Boho Ballot Box by Tracey's Fancy

Now it's your turn:

This was such a fun process and I wish I could bring you each into my shop one by one and give you one on one instruction like this. But, I"m here for you every single week.... right here in blog form.... and weekly on live video..... hoping to encourage you from afar!!! My sister is proof that beginners can create amazing pieces.... with just a little direction!

XOXO, Tracey

Lori's Shopping List:

For your convenience, the products listed here are what I used for the Primitive Boho Ballot Box! Dixie Belle Paint Company offers amazing products that will make all of your projects successful no matter what your skill level! Just click on any of the products shown below! You can also find my favorite products and tools in my Amazon influencer list HERE.

Here's how it works...these products are attached to my name. When you purchase by clicking from my blog.....then Dixie Belle offers a kickback to me for referring you! It doesn't cost you any more to use my links....and the support helps me to bring you new projects! So I thank you in advance!!!

I'd love for you to follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or YouTube to see all my creations first!! And as always, sign up to get my blog newsletter here to see more of my fancy furniture creations, unique art designs, room makeovers and insight into my design process!

Primitive Boho Ballet Box by Traceys Fancy
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