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  • Art of Going LIVE with Tracey's Fancy

Art of Going LIVE with Tracey's Fancy


The online world is growing fast and many of us have to shift how we run our business...AND FAST!

"Going LIVE" in the digital space is the best way to let your customers know you are out there. And if you've never done is the time!

Tracey will teach you the technical "how to" to get started and give great tips to make your LIVE videos a success!

In Tracey's The Art of Going Live crash course, she will spend 1.5 hours walking you through all the details of "Going Live" with your business.  Some of these include...

  • how to set up and use equipment - by yourself or with a helper
  • options for those that don't have equipment
  • tips for overcoming fear before that very first LIVE video
  • things to always say during a LIVE video
  • how to engage with your audience
  • how to grow social media by doing LIVE video
  • show to promote LIVE videos
  • fun and interactive group challenges

Also included as part of The Art of Going Live crash course...

  • easy-to-follow PDF with equipment list and links, detailed steps of how to go LIVE, and a checklist to complete prior to going LIVE
  • Lifetime access to The Art of Going Live recorded video
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