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  • Check & Color Blending Tutorial

Check & Color Blending Tutorial


This course is for the daring furniture painter that is ready to be set free into the world of color blending!

It's time to set aside your OCD and perfectionism and just go with the flow of this painting style!


In this two hour course, I will talk you through your hesitation and fears while I demonstrate color blending multiple times.


My instruction is clear and direct.....and will give you all the encouragement you need to pick up your own brush and spray bottle with confidence!


And if that isn't enough.....I give you CHECKERBOARD too!!


What?? That's right!


I give you every single tip I know.....on how to create both large and small checkerboard patterns!


THIS is the pattern that blows people's minds!!


THIS is the pattern that sets your painted piece apart from the others!


THIS is the course that takes you to the full-blown WHIMSICAL world of true furniture art!


Welcome to MY WORLD!

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