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  • Furniture Painting Basics

Furniture Painting Basics


I never EVER want you to devote your time to a project only to have it be a success......I want the project to FEED YOUR SOUL!!!

So I've stripped it down to the BASICS for you!

My Furniture Painting Basics Course is simple, clear, direct.....and it DELIVERS!!

It is two full hours of one-on-one time with me:

  • the process of choosing the piece that is right for you
  • proper cleaning and preparation
  • describing in detail what primer is best for your specific project
  • explaining brush options
  • understanding the difference in paints on the market
  • ...and finally the basics of painting!

I give you my entire furniture painting hopes of building your skills and you may continue on your furniture painting journey WITH my Whimsical Wonderland Online Course.

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