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  • The Art of Textured Heart

The Art of Textured Heart


Join me for this 2 HOUR course where I guide you in the creation of this one-of-a-kind textured heart on canvas. I chose colors in variations of both dark and light…..applied in a scraped and pulled color blocking technique….to serve as the backdrop to the ultra rich heart.

The heart is layered in an impasto style finish…..with a finish so shiny….it appears to be wet paint....tempting you to reach out and touch it!

And as a finishing touch…..I enhanced this a dark midnight black…..whimsically applied…..and imperfect outlined. Just the way I like it!!

You can modify the color blending to fit your own color scheme AND use the skills you learn in creating any number of textured designs as well.


This class is direct and easy to follow!


You will be surprised how much information I can share in 2 hours!!!


So come on.....join me!

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