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A red whimsical dresser to brighten any room

I love what I do!

I love that my J.O.B. allows me to create every single day!

And then there are those certain projects that just really light my they speak to my whimsical and bold....happy heart!!!

This is one of those.....

Red Whimsical Dresser by Traceys Fancy

The photo below shows the dresser in its original finish. It was the typical yellowed French provincial finish that just doesn't work for most home décor today. I actually did a Facebook Live where I discussed the need to prime before painting with most red paints.

Red Whimsical Dresser by Traceys Fancy

I used Dixie Belle Paint's Honky Tonk Red....and as you can see has amazing coverage with just one coat...even on that top left drawer were there was NO primer used! It is the BEST red paint I have ever used....and hey.....the name of the paint speaks to this Texas girl! You can watch the live video HERE on You Tube if you you'd like to see the proof in action!

Red Whimsical Dresser by Traceys Fancy

My client specifically asked for this exact painting style. She loved a dresser that I had painted last this exact style....but in a different color. I've posted them here in a side by side.

Red & Elegant Whimsical Dresser Side-by-side Comparison by Traceys Fancy

Its always amazing to me how just the change of ONE color can alter the feel and look of a piece so greatly!! Which one speaks to you more??

I love when my shop is full of color!!! It seems to happen in waves! Sometimes everything I'm working on is gray....or comes in a wave of black or all white.....and then BAM! A load of COLOR orders come through and my spirit just soars! I had to grab that photo below just to give you an idea of my view when I walk into my shop this past week! Who wouldn't be happy???

Red Whimsical Dresser by Traceys Fancy

This red whimsical dresser encompasses all my favorite elements.... color/shapes/curves/boldness & energy!

Red Whimsical Dresser by Traceys Fancy

Does it get your blood pumping too? Have you tried these painting techniques? Interested in learning? I have the PERFECT course available to teach you some of these exact techniques...STRIPES & this almost 3 hour course!

Red Whimsical Dresser by Traceys Fancy

So there you go! My heart! My heart in the shape of a dresser! My heart in the patterns! My heart in the colors!

And heart on CANVAS!!!! Let me show you how to lay your thoughts and feelings out on a stretched piece of canvas! It's so much fun to just let go.....and play with texture....and get your hands dirty.....and create something beautiful! Join me HERE to create your own heart!!!

Red Whimsical Dresser by Traceys Fancy

See you next week!



Please share my red whimsical dresser pins and follow me on Pinterest!

Red Whimsical Dresser with stripes and harlequin by Traceys Fancy
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