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Rustic Glam Crocodile Finish Furniture

Oh, Just Another Crocodile Finish!

I realize this photo is already out there….already been seen….looks like a repeat!

I posted the photo prematurely to social media out of pure excitement…..without having any type of instructional or tutorial ready for it!

So THIS post….just offers paint colors….instructional videos….and a few fabulous views of my crocodile finish!

Short and Sweet!

The table itself is painted with Tanya by Heirloom Traditions Paint. I only coated the table ONCE…wanting sort of a translucent look.

I used Aurora Staining Gels in I'm Jaded for the drip technique, which can be seen in this video:

…..and I feel like a kid when I'm doing this!!!! You have to find something you can try this on!!!

Note: Unfortunately, Heirloom Traditions discontinued its Aurora Staining Gels.

I then painted a base coat on the drawer front in Alexandrite. Once dry….I began to lay down my Crocodile Finish over it. I used joint compound that can be found at your local hardware store…or ordered right here

For a quick tutorial on the raised stencil technique (aka my crocodile finish), I have included this short but messy video:)…..

Once my crocodile finish was completely dry…..I brushed over it with Aurora Staining Gels in Copper Mine. (Again this product is now discontinued!) I also used a small brush to apply a small amount of copper in the creases of the legs on the table. The metallic copper against the richly pigmented teal paint is just amazing!!! And I JUST so happened to have a rusty colored wall at home to photograph this piece! I almost didn't want to hand it over to my client!!! It looked SO GOOD in my front sitting room!

I sealed the entire piece with a high-gloss finish called Water-based Top Coat ….as I wanted a shine to enhance the deep pigments of color!

If you loved this gator table, I recently painted this GORGEOUS gator patina dresser using similar techniques + my famous leopard pattern. Let it be inspiration for you!


If you'd like to make your own crocodile finish gator table, you may purchase these paints from my online shop and be sure to use my coupon code FANCY for 10% off your purchase!

Please, don't forget to pin my crocodile finish table and follow me on Pinterest and subscribe to my blog.

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