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Shimmery Bedside Table: a little color never hurt anything!

This Shimmery Bedside Table has found its forever home in my guest room! Sometimes the tiniest projects bring the most joy!

It is the perfect size to fill the tiny space between the bed and the wall. Our king-size headboard and footboard remain in their natural wood color, so I chose to give the bedside table a little moody vibe!

In all honesty, the bedside table will hardly be noticed in the corner. This secretly gave me added confidence to "play" with this finish. I was completely free of pressure! Truthfully, I am thrilled with the outcome and look forward to finishing this on a much larger scale very soon!

Shimmery Bedside Table made by Tracey's Fancy

If you are a new reader, hello and welcome to the Fancy Fam! With over a decade of furniture painting experience, I can honestly say that sharing my projects through this blog is still my favorite way to inspire! I've got years worth of fun and creative ways to update your home decor and furniture through paint! If this sounds like something you'd like to have delivered to you every Sunday be sure to sign up for my weekly newsletter here!

I found the table for $15 at Goodwill.

While thoroughly washing with White Lighting, it became apparent that this piece would require either a primer to block wood tannins OR paint with deep dark colors to avoid bleed-through being seen. I went with deep dark colors (that was my plan anyway)!

As always, you can catch the whole process on my YouTube video:

Supplies Used

This Shimmery Bedside Table needed some shine!

I knew I wanted to use metal leafing in both gold and copper.

So I applied metal leaf adhesive in a free-form shape and let it sit for 30 minutes to come to tack.

While the tack was doing its magic, I mixed a texture additive (Sea Spray) into the color Malachite clay paint and applied this using a paint spatula to the top surface of the table (see the photo for a closeup of the AMAZING texture this made). The original wood was quite beaten up, and I chose to hide this with a textured surface.

This table will receive a lot of wear and tear in our guest room, and I wanted a surface that could withstand the wear and tear. Once the wood was fully covered, I allowed this textured paint time to set as I planned to come back and knock back some of the peaks of the texture.

Showing textured top of Shimmery Bedside Table made with Sea Spray from Dixie Belle

I then returned to the leaf adhesive, which was now ready for leafing application.

Gold Leaf application is fun, and easy, and makes any project POP!

This process is so easy, and I REALLY enjoy it!

Just lay the sheets on all sticky areas, then use a soft brush to knock away all excess leafing!

That's it!

And the result is always gorgeous!

Now it's time to bring the paint to the leafed areas and marry them!

Malachite and Galaxy are at the base of all the legs. I loved the blend of the gorgeous deep green with black. 

Adding terra clay paint legs of Shimmery Bedside Table

Using terra clay paint to blend into leg color on Shimmery Bedside Table

As I worked my way up the leg, I added Cerulean Blue, blending nicely into the lower Malachite.

Color blend of Terra Clay paint on Shimmery Bedside Table

Moving closer to the gold and copper leaf, I began to bring in Daffodil next to the gold leaf and Marigold next to the copper leaf. Both of these colors blended beautifully and quite organically into the tone of the leafed areas.  

Far away view of blended clay paint on Shimmer Bedside Table legs

I introduced a bit of Elderberry (purplish plum) and Bougainvillea (bold pink) to the tops of the legs, blending into the orange and yellow of the drawer front.

Applying Bougainvillea terra clay paint onto Shimmery Bedside Table

Adding more clay paint to sides of Shimmer Bedside Table to add a gradual blend of colors

Adding Marigold clay paint to blend into the side of Shimmery Bedside Table


We've got a carnival glass look going on now for this Shimmery Bedside Table!

I repeated this process on all sides of the table.

When all the first coats were dry, I went back over all the painted areas with a second coat to intensify the color and strengthen the moody vibe!

Applying paint near metal leafing for gradual blend on Shimmery Bedside Table

Painting marigold near metal leafing on Shimmery Bedside Table
Tracey showcasing Terra clay paint blend with metal leafing application on Shimmery Bedside Table

I finally returned my attention to the top surface, but I had waited a little too long to be able to knock back peaks easily.

Undeterred, I used my paint spatula to drag some of the peaks down anyway, and, to be honest, I really like the look.

I had used Malachite as an undercoat but fully intended the top surface to be in the Marigold and Bougainvillea tones only, with slight peaks of Malachite visible.

Painting top of Shimmery Bedside Table to add more texture and a complete base

Blending Marigold to top of Shimmery Bedside Table

In full transparency, I just began blending colors one after the other until I finally got this look.

Blending more paint for a moody look on Shimmery Bedside Table

Finished Terra clay paint application and color blend on top of Shimmery Bedside Table

It is VERY moody with a gorgeous center glow!

THIS is the part that I can't wait to do on a large scale very soon!

I enhanced the edges and corners of the table, as well as the raised texture on the top surface, by dry brushing in opposing colors.

What I mean by this is if an area was green, I dry-brushed it with pink. If an area was pink, I dry-brushed it with green.

Dry brushing with green on pink areas on Shimmery Bedside Table for an aged look

My goal was to marry all colors somehow, and this dry brushing is an effortless way to do this with clay paint.

dry brushing with pink on green paint areas on Shimmery Bedside Table

This Shimmery Bedside Table needed something: MORE GOLD!

My final enhancement was to dry brush with gold gilding wax, of course!

Using gold gilding wax on top of Shimmery Bedside Tables

Finished application of gold gilding wax on Shimmery Bedside Table

I sealed the entire piece (because clay paint must be sealed) with Terra Seal.

It's easy to use and dries quickly.

Applying terra seal onto Shimmery Bedside Table

I did NOT use this over the metal-leafed areas. I sealed these areas with metal leaf sealer using a craft brush.

Once fully dry, I laid down a single coat of Gator Hide on the top surface only.

I did this for extra protection since it will be used as a bedside table, and I have no doubt it will see the bottom of many cups of water and coffee in the near future!

Completed look of Shimmery Bedside Table

And that's it!

The making of my little side table for my guest room is complete and looks as moody as ever next to the teal velvet bedspread and beneath the emerald green Lucite vintage lamp!  

I encourage you to find something to "play" (aka paint) on that carries NO pressure or expectations and see what happens!

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