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Tattered elegance textured grunge chest

Let me tell you the story about this textured grunge chest I kept a secret for days!

Charred Textured Grunge Chest by Traceys Fancy

Every once in awhile I get myself into a paint world pickle! LOL!

Like this time for example.

A very dear friend. A piece she likes but wants it made spectacular. I see a piece of art in her home that I know she loves. I tell her I can do a similar finish on the furniture. My idea....with nothing to back it except my own ambition. Deal. Here we go.....

Charred Textured Grunge Chest by Traceys Fancy

This beautiful French provincial Bombay style chest sat in my shop for weeks before I touched it. I was afraid of it....if I'm going to be completely honest here. I was afraid I had set myself up for failure....and set my friend up for disappointment. So I avoided the entire project....until I just couldn't let it beat me anymore. AND......conquer mode set in!

Charred Textured Grunge Chest by Traceys Fancy

I gathered sooooo many products into one space....and even that wasn't enough! I ran to the store several times with paint up to my need of just one more thing to create this finish! I had my Dixie Belle Paints, multiple texture mediums, sealers, glues, glitters and gilding was a mad science experiment at its best!

I would work for phases.....sleep.....and revisit with fresh eyes. And every new view with my morning fresh eyes brought me joy! I just KNEW this was going to be an ALL TIME favorite of mine!

Charred Textured Grunge Chest by Traceys Fancy

In the end....I had to step away.....and call it done....for fear of messing up this perfectly charred and drippy/rusty mess!

Charred Textured Grunge Chest by Traceys Fancy

I am so very thankful that my friend gave me the freedom to bring forth my own vision. I wanted this piece to be as special as she is......and to complement her already impeccable and completely curated home.

It is my hope to have more opportunity to recreate similar finishes in the future. It was a very free yet maddening experience that I would simply love to revisit!

Charred Textured Grunge Chest by Traceys Fancy

Love this textured grunge chest?? Check out another of my absolute favorite grunge leopard patina grunge buffet.....and this one I got to keep for myself! LOL

Charred Textured Grunge Chest by Traceys Fancy

I struggled on what to call this I reached out to my Facebook world and got an overwhelming amount of suggestions....over 500 to be exact!!! And so many of them were amazing. With the help of my family, I chose the name....TATTERED ELEGANCE. I think it's perfect....

Want to create this look for yourself? It's easier than you might think. I just published The Art of Tattered Elegance in my shop. Come learn with me HERE!


The products listed here are what I used for this Charred Textured Grunge Chest! Dixie Belle Paint company offers amazing products that will make all of your projects successful no matter what your skill level! You can also find my favorite products and tools in my Amazon influencer list here.

DB White Lightning Cleaner

BOSS Primer Clear

Sand Bar


Mud Puddle

Coffee Bean

Gilding Wax

Dixie Belle Mud Brown

Dixie Belle Sea Spray

Dixie Belle Chip Brush

Dixie Belle Paint Brushes

Mod Podge

Seed Beads

Copper Glitter Dust

See you next week!



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