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The Cutest Little - Last Minute - DIY Easter Buckets

ball trim (aka "ball-balls" in my house).....all from Hobby all that is needed!

Glitter Blast.  It sprays out this really dense powder full of glitter sparkles that add so much personality to all your girly hand painted crafts. Once this was set and dry....about 30 minutes.....I gave each bucket a light mist of Triple Thick which helps to seal and protect the paint.

Shop I've listed the products that I used on these cute Easter Baskets. I only recommend products and brushes that I use myself and LOVE!!! These are all affiliate links from Dixie Belle Paint Company and Amazon and Hobby Lobby!!! Hope you enjoy this little bunny basket painting project! And plan to make some for the little ones in your family. Join me on Instagram@TraceysFancy and Facebook@TraceysFancy.  And don't forget to sign up to get my emails here. See you next week! XOXO, Tracey

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