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The New All In One Paint Chalk Style Paint

I am so excited about this new product!!!

ALL-IN-ONE sounds too good to be true…but I've used it people……and it is for REALZ!!!

Introducing Heritage Collection All In One Chalk Style Paint!

Heirloom Traditions Paint Company has developed a paint with a built-in primer and built-in wax for the time-conscious consumer….(that's me!!!). It is available in 12 European-inspired colors that offer a high-end finish.

This is a game changer for my business….and can be a game changer for you too! Heritage Collection All In One Chalk Style Paint products will cut down on your project time AND make your projects more approachable (like tackling those kitchen cabinets) with it's easy application and durable smooth finish!

I show you in the below photo…. a very large entry cabinet that I chose as my first project with this new product! (if you are interested in the entire story of WHY this gorgeous cabinet was painted…there is a video available at the end of this blog….where I give you the ENTIRE run down of the project).

Heritage Collection All in One Chalk Style Paint Gray Entry Cabinet Traceys Fancy

I applied one coat of Cobblestone Gray using the True Applicator Sponge (which I highly recommend) and will be listed at the end of the blog in my "Shop Here" section. Here is the cabinet after the first coat of paint.

Heritage Collection All in One Chalk Style Paint Gray Entry Cabinet Traceys Fancy
Heritage Collection All in One Chalk Paint Gray Entry Cabinet Traceys Fancy

The paint is thick and creamy…and needs to be stirred very well for about 2 minutes prior to using to make sure all properties are well blended. It also dries very quickly. By the time I finished on one end..the end I started on was dry and able to accept the second coat. I used my chalk-type paint brush for this coat. And the second coat was my FINAL coat! Seriously….that was it! Two FAST coats….completely leveled smooth….and DONE! However….on this project….I was wanting some white-washed highlights….so the project continued…but had I just wanted the solid Cobblestone Gray finish…I would have been finished! Here is the final result after the highlights were added.

Heritage Collection All in One Chalk Paint Gray Entry Cabinet Traceys Fancy

They recommend a full 24 hours of cure time. They also recommend a full 24 hours of cure time before applying a glaze or any other type of wash to the painted piece. I did not follow those instructions before applying my white wash highlights (I rarely adhere to any product instructions…duh)….and I had VERY little lift of the paint when using baby wipes directly to the fresh paint. I knew this would happen…and even WANTED it to happen as I was going for an aged finish…so a little wet distressing worked to my project advantage! You can see the exposed original surface in the photo below…and it's exactly the look I was after.

Heritage Collection All in One Chalk Paint Gray Entry Cabinet Traceys Fancy

I am so impressed with this product…..and am honored to have the opportunity to promote and share it with my readers! The team at Heirloom Traditions Paint Company have put together two kits for you! They offer a Heritage Collection All In One Cabinet Restoration Kit and Heritage Collection All In One Furniture Restoration Kit. These kits take the guess work out of what to buy for your project. You can find these kits and all the details here and I have posted a photo of them here for you too.

DON'T FORGET….with my coupon code FANCY….you will receive a 10% discount on your order….and free shipping for orders over $75!!!

For those of you interested in my "whitewash and highlighting" technique….I have included three super short clips below….showing exactly how it's done!

How to add white wash highlights

"Fancy" tools for whitewashing (any artist brush and a baby wipe…not even kidding)

How to add spot highlights

And as promised….here is the full story of WHY the gray cabinet transformation….AND my "in person" video opinion of my very first Heritage Collection All In One Paint experience! (and maybe my admission of fear of videoing in front of others)

Lastly…..when you click over to the Heirloom Traditions website to order your Heritage Collection Kits….be sure to sign up for their current give away…..a 2017 European Heritage Cruise for TWO!!! It is not a trick or a gimmick! It is a REAL cruise give away that will be announced in October of this year! Ok….I'll make it really easy…. just click here!

Heirloom Traditions Dream Vacation

I look forward to sharing many more upcoming projects with you using this new amazing All In One paint! My favorite of all 12 colors offered is Amalfi….and I have a fun and easy project planned with that already!

Heirloom Traditions All In One Chalk Paint Amalfi


I used Heritage Collection All In One Paint by Heirloom Traditions Paint Company for this project. It is a Kentucky-based company….led by an incredible team…with an amazing paint product. They offer free shipping on all orders over $75….and when you use my coupon code FANCY at check out you will receive an additional 10% off your order. A small percentage will help keep my furniture-painting blog running, so thanks for your purchases!

Cobblestone Gray Heirloom Traditions Chalk Paint
True Sponge Applicator Heirloom Traditions

Now go make something fancy!! And sign up for more of my painting tips here.



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Gray Cabinet Transformation using All in One Paint Chalk Paint | Furniture Painting Tips by Traceys Fancy
Furniture painting tips: How to add White Wash Highlights by TraceysFancy
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