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The perfect metallic blue for your china hutch

Sometimes we just have to set aside our own visions and meet people where they are!

I never say that out loud....I'm usually flying the flag that encourages you to stand strong in your ideas and stay true to your ideas.....but when it comes to also serving others.....there is a time and place to set your flag down!

As much as I LOVED this painted china hutch in its organically color-washed roses finish (see that HERE) just wasn't speaking to others. It has been in my shop and taking up space for months! That makes me I paint my pieces for others to use and enjoy....not sit in my shop under a sheet!

This brings me to my for a visit....and in need of a new and somewhat large piece for a sitting room in her home! She is expecting her first grandbaby and has just purchased two new rockers that she plans to spend a lot of time in...with new baby in her arms! She wanted a piece to serve as a focal point and also house many blankets and quilts that she has.

I immediately thought of this china hutch....but I knew she would not be fond of the finish. She is very "safe" when it comes to her decor and prefers a very clean and simple finish. So I offered to repaint it! If it meant she would like it....and could enjoy it.....that meant more to me than hanging onto my personal vision for the piece.

Metallic Blue China Hutch by Tracey's Fancy

With her help.....we repainted this hutch in just under two hours....inside and out! We painted right over the existing rose design transfers. We did not prime it in any way! We did paint one coat of Driftwood over the transfers just to help to fully block the rose designs. So let me tell you about this new paint!!!

Dixie Belle Paint company JUST released several new colors to their Moonshine Metallics paint line....and this new blue called Pacific is out of this world!!!! It went on with such ease! Its creamy texture lays down easily and the brush strokes are minimal with its self-leveling ability! We painted just two coats and done!! The coverage is worth bragging about. It dried so quickly that we were able to lay down the second coat within about 40 minutes! As soon as the second coat dried...I was able to wax the entire piece from top to bottom in Best Dang Wax Black! The metallic paint withstood the wax application like a champ...for just having been painted! I waxed and wiped back with no issues at all! I then enhanced the carvings and edges with Shiny Star Decor Wax by Redesign with Prima.

We painted the inside of this metallic blue china cabinet with Driftwood. It took only ONE coat to fully cover the existing Terracotta color...which blows my mind! We sealed the inside with Big Mama's Butta in Suzanne's Garden which is a lovely rose garden scent!

Metallic Blue China Hutch by Tracey's Fancy

We loaded this piece into the back of her SUV within 12 hours of finishing it.

Now this stunning metallic blue china hutch resides in Houston with my BFF.....she's happy.....I'm happy....she now waits for her grandbaby to rock....and I now have more space in my shop....and a few extra bucks in my pocket!

Metallic Blue China Hutch by Tracey's Fancy

Shop: Metallic Blue China Hutch

The products listed here are what I used for this metallic blue china hutch project! Dixie Belle Paint company offers amazing products that will make all of your projects successful no matter what your skill level! Just click on any of the products shown below! You can also find my favorite products and tools in my Amazon influencer list here.

Thank you Dixie Belle for a product that gives me the confidence to paint something on the fly.....during crunch time....knowing the outcome will be a successful one.....because I can ALWAYS count on your products!!!

See you next week!



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