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Tie dye Bombay desk for a little girl's bedroom

This tie dye Bombay desk piece wins the Happy Vibe award for Tracey's Fancy projects this year!

I realize the year isn't over yet....but I'm thinking this one will be tough to out-do on the "happy" meter!

This was a repaint....and that's a long story! Hopefully, you follow me on my social media accounts and read the whole story on how this project evolved. It's a great lesson on pride....and being open to change! You can see what it looked like before this repaint HERE.

For now...let's stick to the painting process of the piece....

I coated the entire piece in one coat of Boss White Primer.

I spent a lot of time planning my colors for this piece....and pulled them forward.....and made a promise to myself to use every single color in some way....and not to pull any others from my stash.

I kept that promise.

I began by painting the entire piece in Dixie Belle's Cotton. Covering the entire piece in a solid color just helps me to see clearly. It gives me a nice clean canvas to work on.

I then moved to the bottom and began painting with Peony, Plum Crazy, and Muscadine Wine....and a lot of water in my mister bottle. I did this on live video and you can watch the full playlist on my YouTube channel if you'd like.

While the pinks were still wet...I moved up a bit and began using Flamingo. I sprayed with just enough water to manipulate the Flamingo to drip down artistically into the pinks below. I playfully added a bit of Dixie Belle Blue and Lucky Lavender before moving onto the top drown panel.

My client provided me with a pillow to pull colors from. It had a citrine color that Dixie Belle doesn't carry. A fellow brand ambassador...Brandy of Brushed by Brandy let me know that I could mix Daisy with a bit of Tree Frog Green. I did this....and Boom! The perfect yellow-citrine!

I chose this as the focal color for the top panel. I carried up the lighter blue and lavender and even a touch of Flamingo as well.....still using lots of water from the mister bottle....keeping the edges soft and the look organic.

I then playfully brought in the crisp black and white with Caviar as jumbo polka-dots and XOXO pattern on the front and center!

whimsical tie dye Bombay desk by Tracey's Fancy

This tie dye Bombay desk is going into the room of a very vibrant 6-year-old...and I wanted to keep it bright and fun and full of light and love!!! Little mini hearts and even a hidden heart in the band of kisses and hugs! Did you see it?

The top surface and one side panel were done with a special pouncing technique and large flat round brushes. This gives a hazy cloud effect which is exactly what I was after! I wanted it to appear like cotton candy clouds.

whimsical tie dye Bombay desk by Tracey's Fancy

I did this with mostly with the custom mixed Citrine, Flamingo, and Peony...and touches of Cotton and Lucky Lavender. The opposite side is done in crisp and clean stripes of Caviar and Cotton...just because...I can...and it adds just another level of whimsy!

whimsical tie dye Bombay desk by Tracey's Fancy

Finally, I enhanced any and all carvings of this tie dye Bombay desk (bottom skirted area and the center of each drawer and top panel) with Best Dang Wax Black. I heavily covered each area with the black wax and wiped back with a baby wipe. You can see in the photo below....without the wax...those carved swags are hardly noticeable.

The dark wax is your friend when trying to enhance any carvings that are present but fall to the background with flat color.

The hardware was painted in two coats of Caviar. I enhanced it with a beautiful chameleon type wax that will soon be released by Dixie Belle.

It's appears white until it makes contact with the paint...and it literally shows its color at that's like magic!

The entire piece is coated with two coats of Clear Coat in Satin.

This tie-dye Bombsay desk makes me happy.

whimsical tie dye Bombay desk by Tracey's Fancy

I smiled the ENTIRE time I was painting it! That serves as a reminder to me that this is not only my is my passion.....and that makes me very happy!

See you next week!



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whimsical tie dye Bombay desk by Tracey's Fancy

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