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Tips for AIP airplane travel: how I pack my suitcase

AIP airplane travel can be a challenge but it IS doable with the right preparation. I will give you tips and tricks to travel while maintaining your AIP lifestyle.

As I write this post, I am 654 days into my Autoimmune Protocol Clean Eating Lifestyle.

AIP airplane travel | Tracey Bellion |

I am not only an advocate for clean eating, but I am also a business owner AND a brand ambassador for a well-known chalk paint company.

In addition to all of the above.....I am a wife, mother, and grandmother to a very large and engaged family....which keeps me very busy!

I tell you this for one reason......if I can maintain this lifestyle....anyone can......NO EXCUSES!

It takes planning and preparation....especially when away from home or traveling....which I am blessed to be able to do often.

So today I share with you my airplane travel tips....that help me to stay committed and successful in my healthy lifestyle.

This is my suitcase...

AIP airplane travel | Tracey Bellion |

Yes...I check a bag! No matter what...I check a bag....because I will not travel without:

~my paring knife

.....and let's face it.....those things just are not going to pass through security!

Curious exactly what is in my suitcase?? Now's your chance to see what I packed. Watch me unpack my suitcase here...

My diet is strict and limited.

But don't be fooled.....I eat a LOT...all day long!

AIP airplane travel can be a challenge.

I will be honest and tell you I have a fear of being hungry! Like a legit panic-type fear if I feel I will be left without food choices.

So to keep that from happening.....I always bring these items! I can always whip up a nutritionally packed protein shake loaded with fruits and veggies no matter what hotel or guest room I am in!

What you can't see is....under those clothes and bags...are a few apples, a tub of almond butter and whole raw sweet potatoes. There is always a microwave around....and that packed sweet potato has saved my butt many times!

I also load my carry-on with snacks! Like a lot of snacks! I rely on them during my time on the plane as well as my time in the airports....because let me tell you....airports have VERY limited clean eating/real food options! It also gives me a sense of peace that I have plenty of healthy snacks to eat just in case it takes me a bit to get settled at my destination.....and time to get to a nearby grocer for any foods I may want to stock at my hotel/guest house.

I always carry water, carrots, and bananas in my bag as well as the snacks like the ones shown in the photos below! (that's actually MY hand...and photos I took while shopping for my most recent trip to California). Click HERE to see my favorite AIP snacks while traveling blog.

  1. No, I'm not a fanatic!

  2. Yes, I eat in public places!

  3. No, I'm not a vegetarian!

I worked hard to discover my food sensitivities and I stay true to what works for my body!

I find comfort in traveling prepared!

And that has helped to make my story a success!

I share this with inspire you to stay dedicated to your healthy lifestyle commitment as well!

All it takes is a little prep!

You only get ONE body.....treat it well! If you are interested in trying this AIP lifestyle or just need help holding yourself accountable, learn more about my AIP coaching and healthy lifestyle accountability group HERE.

Please share my AIP airplane travel pins and follow me on Pinterest!

AIP airplane travel | Tracey Bellion |
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