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Tracey's Fancy Chandelier Ideas

Black Chandeliers The current BOHO/Gypsy trend brings black chandeliers instantly to mind. It offers a funky twist to the traditional chandelier. Most of the colored ones you find....are truly the traditional style....just in color rather than crystal or brassy gold. I like to think of them as "edgy".... a look that really pushes the limits of sweetness over to the extreme sassy side. If you are looking for a bold statement piece to finish off your room....this chandy style is for you! I recently used it in my granddaughter's Boho Chic nursery.

Orb Chandeliers The current trend of mixing industrial with glam brings this fancy chandy selection to mind. The orbs representing metal scraps surrounding a glamorous chandelier....'trash to treasure" if you will. If you are looking for an unusual mix of metal and crystals....this is your chandy!

Farmhouse Chandeliers The farmhouse trend brings together the soft worn look of the farm and clean simple textiles and decor without any fuss. This look is often defined with simple woods and metals used together. You may find an unexpected piece such as a bucket or an urn turned into a light. Or crystals dripping along side hanging forks and spoons for a kitchen light. If the simplicity of the farm is what you are after...this style chandy is for you!

Traditional Chandeliers You really cannot go wrong with a traditional chandelier. They are widely accepted into the design of any room that you are wanting to add a touch of feminine flair. Feel free to incorporate them into your dining room, master bedroom, entry, bathrooms and even your laundry room (where I have mine)! There really are no rules with this traditional chandy. I have a traditional one in my daughter's room and my bedroom.

Flush Mount Chandeliers The flush mounted chandelier is a fabulous option for those wanting to add flair...but have limited room or low ceilings. I used one in Harlow's nursery here. They cast a gorgeous light across the room...and are just as flattering to a room as a hanging chandelier.

Floor Lamp Chandeliers Whoever came up with mounting chandeliers onto floor lamps is genius! The floor lamp chandy adds great punch to any room! For those that do not have an option to hang a light in the ceiling....this style offers you the ability to still add a dramatic flare to your room. If you want something a bit smaller, then a small floor lamp can be a great functional addition to the room as well!

Eclectic/Boho Chandeliers The rapidly growing DIY world has led us to many eclectic styles of lighting. Lights made from decanters for over you bar. Lights with fringe and tassels or mop strings and zip ties for heavens sake (I've seen it). If you are one that appreciates "out of the box" thinking and unexpected happenings....this style chandy is for you!

Just contact me here. So what's your favorite style of chandelier?! Let me know! Now go design something fancy!! And don't forget to sign up for more of my FANCY DESIGNS here. XOXO, Tracey

Fancy Chandelier Ideas by Tracey's Fancy
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