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Upgrade Your Closet Organization

If you’ve been struggling with keeping your closet tidy, I can’t wait to show you how to upgrade your closet organization to make your life easier.

Love learning through video?

Watch this closet organization upgrade IN ACTION:

Why we’re upgrading our closet organization

Well, I have a 16-year-old daughter. Enough said? LOL!!! My daughter Zadie is your typical teenage girl with WAY too many clothes, and lots of small pieces and parts to her wardrobe, so although many of our closets needed an upgrade, this was the best place to start! She has SO many cheer uniforms and pieces…and don’t even get me started on shoes, so the clunky, builder-grade closet has been a challenge.

Teenage daughter standing in front of a closet that she is about to organize

Is anyone else sick of losing shoes, accessories, or just hanging clothes up in general?

I’ve become sick of the slog that has been trying to keep her closest (and all of ours) organized for years. Baskets, buckets, wire shelving from big box stores…and NOTHING has worked.

And even though this is a little different than my standard painting projects, I’m taking you into my home and sharing Zadie’s closet upgrade with you, because I know how much peace of mind an organized space can offer.

This can work with your storage closets or any room in your home that needs a better organization system.

Before the Modular Closest Upgrade

Zadie’s room has two bi-fold closets that were built in 1964!!!

Bedroom with two disorganized closets

It looks tidy in this picture, but TRUST ME, it can get bad!

I had added cube storage to the closet on the left and labeled them, which helped (but wasn’t a true fix), and on the right, Zadie had all of her hanging clothes, topped with a shelf that she couldn’t reach.

Cube organization system holding accessories and shoes with black and gray cubes

Teenager's closet with two rows of hanging clothes and a laundry basket

Working with a Modular Closest Designer

As I started looking for a solution to our client woes, I found Modular Closets. They have a team that helps customize a closet system exactly for you!

We submitted photos and measurements to a Modular Closet Designer, as well as a list of what Zadie’s storage needs were, and we received a fun mock-up of the design!

Modular closet organization system upgrade mockup

We approved the design and got the closet system shipped directly to us!

You can either choose the design yourself OR work with the designer, which we found really helpful.

Boxes from Modular closets

First, we decided to tackle the closet with hanging clothes. Zadie removed all of the hanging items, and holy cow, look at just what we pulled out of her ONE closet!

Teenager removing clothes from a closet with two rows of hanging items and a laundry basket on the floor

Clothes stacked on top of a bed with a patterned wall

Matt removed the boards that were holding the closet poles.

Man using tools to remove shelving in closet

I freshened up the paint inside the closet walls.

Tracey touching up the inside of a white closet

I HATE complicated instructions, but this came with a detailed set that we found very easy to follow. They also emailed us videos to watch for those that prefer to watch and learn!

Matt was the builder, I was the assistant, and Zadie was there for moral support.

Man putting together boards and reading instructions for modular organization system

Teenager laying on bed relaxing while Dad puts together a closet organization system

Tracey putting screws into a shelf

The entire process only took a screwdriver, drill, level, stud finder, and measuring tape!

Man putting together modular closet organization with tools

Right Closet Organization

The first closet setup consisted of three towers, which were easy to construct. I really loved that the components hung from the wall so that the floor had open space, free of clutter!

Modular closet organizational system with drawers, shelves, and hanging wire baskets

Once all three towers were mounted we started constructing the drawers, hanging the shoe shelves and wire basket components inside the towers.

Check it out! It’s all complete and ready to be used in just a few short hours!

Closet organization system with shelving, drawers, and baskets

Closet organized with modular closet system with black and gray baskets, shoes displayed on a shelf, accessories in wire baskets, and slippers on the floor

It didn’t take Zadie long at all to make this her own! She used the shelves and baskets for her shoes, hats, belts, bags, and purses. She used the drawers for her uniform, socks, bras, and underwear.

Closet organized with black and gray patterned dividers and a wire hanging basket that holds accessories

Open drawer with cheer uniform inside

Wire shelf with leopard basket to organize accessories

I love how the drawers and baskets are constructed with metal glides that slide in and out smoothly.

The slanted shoe shelves are my favorite part, because who doesn’t want to display all of their pretty shoes?

Shoes displayed on a shelf

Left Closet Organization

Now to the closet that will be hanging up her clothes, a mighty task!

I was really worried the design layout wouldn’t cut it - the girl’s got a lot of clothes!!!

We removed all of the clothes and I retouched the paint, and check out this before and after!

Empty closet with white walls

Closet divided with shelving and rods

The left side is mounted to the walls with two hanging bars installed.

The right side with the single bar and shelf gives you the option to choose how high or low you’d like to hang it. I REALLY like that this gives Zadie a space to hang longer dresses, as well as a shelf that she can actually reach, so we placed it about midway down. Then, she still has the upper shelf to store things that she doesn’t use as often.

Closet divided with shelving and rods from modular closets organization system with hanging clothes and decorative items

The Final Closet Organization Upgrade

Functional, pretty, and ACTUALLY holding all of Zadie’s clothes, we are so pleased!

2 closets organized using Modular closet system dividers

These are so aesthetically pleasing that we actually chose to remove the old bifold doors!

This opens up the space and helps encourage keeping it nice and tidy!

I can’t wait to repeat this in the master bath closet!

I hope this inspires you to create an organized space or two in your home, and if you’re looking for help, I 100% recommend the Modular Closets family! They even created a special coupon code for my community (YOU) to use toward your own upgrade!

Use the code: FANCY for 10% off and let them know I sent you!


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