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Transforming your Christmas tree...into a Valentines tree

For several years now...Zadie (my 12 yr old) and I have wanted to turn our Christmas tree into a Valentine tree instead of taking it down after the holidays! So this year.....we just DID IT!!

To be honest, I think it was the WHITE tree that helped us make the decision to finally make our Valentine Tree dreams a reality! Most of you know that Matt surprised us with a white tree this year. Its nothing fancy....$99 bucks from Walmart....but it's white...and fresh....and exactly what we wanted!

I barely got a tree up at all for Christmas and to be honest (again) it was pretty lame as far as my decorating skills go. I sort of had "decorating guilt" the entire season. So the idea of a Valentines tree....surrounded by the fact that it is now much less hectic around here....gave me a chance to redeem myself!

And let me just add before I go on...if your eyes are drawn to the buffet behind our fun valentines can read all about it here! It was one of my favorite pieces to create this past year...

Ok, now back to our tree...

We hit our favorite bargain spots.....Homegoods (the furry pink tree skirt which was on clearance for $7!!!!), the Target dollar spot and Hobby Lobby (50% off) for all the rest of the decor!

So all in all....I spent right at $125 on ALL the decor for this tree including that bargain of a tree skirt! And if you look closely at that tree....there is SO MUCH crammed in there....that I feel quite accomplished with that value! Especially when you factor in how much fun Zadie and I had doing it together....and making this little video.....

Its a total WIN for me when I can get my 12 year old to WANT to spend time with me....and she loved every minute of this project! She is already talking about what we can add to it next year! She said it was more fun the any Christmas tree we've ever done! Wowza! Total WIN!!!

So this is my advice to you if you are considering transforming your Christmas tree! GO BIG! Use big and bulky items that are not intended as tree ornaments! Just cram them in the tree (okay...snuggle them in tightly to the branches). For example....the red mailboxes! Aren't they adorable? Target dollar spot for three bucks! Giant light pink heart signs meant to hang on the wall....also Target dollar spot for three bucks! Gaudy-fringey party garland used as tinsel! And rose swags from Hobby Lobby wrapped like garland! feather boas??? Yep! I use feather boas from Hobby Lobby every chance I get!!

I hope by giving you the cost.....that I inspire you vs. discourage you from indulging in a little bit of "happiness decor"! This decor will be used over and over in the years ahead! I have ZERO guilt now....and am actually quite proud! Can you tell?

I'd love to see your Valentines trees...or even you Christmas tree pictures! I hope you'll always feel free to share photos with me here.....or tag me in your social media accounts! I'm always up for a good thumbs up!!!


The products listed here are what I used to make this outrageously fun Valentine's Day tree! You can find my favorite products and tools in my Amazon influencer list here.

(And make sure you check your promotions folder, and drag it into the inbox folder if you're a gmail user so you won't miss it!)

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