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Whimsical Bedroom Furniture

Painted Whimsical Furniture Makeovers by Tracey's Fancy

Can we all just pause a to take in the sheer beauty of this bedroom set???

I mean honestly....and to think I found it on Craigslist??? Not even kidding!

Painted Whimsical Furniture Makeovers by Tracey's Fancy

I located this set while searching for a client....and got it for a sinful steal!!! I can't even type the would cause you pain!

The original finish was white with gold trim...and blended accent areas in a pale pink and pale blue. It was a very strange combo....very much "Marie Antoinette"!

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Painted Whimsical Furniture Makeovers by Tracey's Fancy

What I want you to notice is.....although the pieces are very GRAND....they still seem whimsical! Maybe it's the fault of Beauty and the Beast? We expect each piece to come alive in song and dance?

Whimsical furniture does not have to be covered in bright and colorful paints and patterns.

You can love whimsy and still keep it neutral!

Painted Whimsical Furniture Makeovers by Tracey's Fancy

If you want my tips on how to add gold accents, read my tutorial here.

Love the Whimsy Wonderland?

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Here are my recommendations to give you this exact finish. Dixie Belle Paint company offers amazing products that will make all of your projects successful no matter what your skill level is! I also get Modern Masters in Warm Silver -- you can see my entire Amazon influencer list here.

If you would like to paint your own Whimsical Bedroom furniture....but lack confidence with where to start....I offer furniture design consultation!  Contact me here and we can get you started on your next project!

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