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Whimsical Chandelier: Add some fun to your space

I realize this whimsical chandelier is NOT furniture....and I hope you are ok with that! But it was too beautiful not to share on my blog! And this isn't the first time I've painted on something outside the box - like these shoes, these aprons or my favorite - my mermaid chair!

It is still a project that required vision and technique and patience and good products to bring it to life! Experts with these will be able to put lights in too, making true art lighting fixtures that would be wonderful to have in any home. I still like my piece, though!

Whimsical Chandelier by Tracey's Fancy

I was asked to create something special out of this DIY Bohemian Wood Chandelier by Prima. It's an adorable concept.....two flat designs that fit together to make a 3-dimensional piece. It provided the perfect medium to utilize multiple products on one piece....and it's unique! I can see this hanging in a craft room, a baby's nursery, a little girl's room, a boutique vignette....and even as party decor! It's a great size.....and it is less than $15!!!

I wanted to add moulds to the chandelier to add character and interest. So I made moulds using Redesigns moulds and mold material .....glued them on to the wood chandelier with E6000 and hot glue.......while wet.....and left to dry overnight.

The next day...I used Dixie Belle Paint in Cobalt, Plum Crazy and Mermaid Tail.....starting with Mermaid Tail at the top.....blending down into Plum Crazy and finishing out the bottom of the boards with the deep and gorgeous Cobalt!

I then began applying that amazing gold using Redesign with Prima Adhesive Decor Transfers and Relic Copper Foil. These transfers are simply amazing! You rub on the you can see here the script writing and the polka dots.....and it only leaves a sticky residue that you can use any color of their foils on. You then lay down the foil...rub it....and lift! Voila! The gold foil is now in script and dots! So genius! I just added these gold leaf accents wherever I felt needed it!

Whimsical Chandelier by Tracey's Fancy

I chose to paint the pendants in my signature black and white checked pattern.....and bring in bright and playful colors at the same time.

I used 5 of my favorites from the Dixie Belle color palette.....Flamingo, Peony, Tree Frog Green (doesn't get near the recognition it should), Daisy and Dixie Belle Blue! The checks are painted with Fluff and Caviar. These really set the tone for the chandy....and the rest just fell into place!

I added the Prima crystal chains and crystal pendants.....along with few dangling skeleton keys and plain gold chains....just to add that Alice in Wonderland flair that I can't ever get enough of!

Whimsical Chandelier by Tracey's Fancy

I glittered the candle tips! And made the prettiest bow....playing off the colored top it off!

Whimsical Chandelier by Tracey's Fancy

And lastly....while shopping at Hobby eyeballs landed on these amazing tassels!!!! So I added those to the bottom center for that overall boho-eclectic-whimsical vibe!

Whimsical Chandelier by Tracey's Fancy

I am sooooo happy with the finished product! I cannot wait to teach this in a class this coming September for the Redesign with Dixie Belle Paint workshop in Florida! Click HERE to see what I taught last year. So. Much. Fun.

Whimsical Chandelier by Tracey's Fancy

I hope it will inspire those in my class to dream up their own version!

Shop: Whimsical Chandelier

The products listed here are what I used for this whimsical chandelier project! Dixie Belle Paint company offers amazing products that will make all of your projects successful no matter what your skill level! Just click on any of the products shown below! You can also find my favorite products and tools in my Amazon influencer list here.

See you next week!



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Whimsical Chandelier by Tracey's Fancy
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