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How to create a whimsical plate with Dixie Belle

I love teaching! And I recently had the honor of teaching two of my favorite techniques, stripes and checks, to a group of 250+ people at the Dixie Belle Paint Convention in Florida! I created this fabulous whimsical plate as my show them how the patterns can be used together.

whimsical plate by Tracey's Fancy

Teaching puts me smack in the middle of my happy element. I love sharing my knowledge with others in hopes to inspire growth and creativity and some good ole "thinking outside the box"!

I love knowing that over 200 people painted these whimsical plates with me. We didn't complete the that was not our goal. The goal was to learn the stripe and the check patterns.....and that goal was met! They will each now have the opportunity to build on those painted patterns as you can see I did here on my plate project.

whimsical plate by Tracey's Fancy

So let me tell you a little about my painted plate. It's actually NOT a plate....but a plate CHARGER....a decorative plate to hold your dinner plate. But I added four cute little feet with the idea of it being more of a display piece with a glass dome (or fancy word is cloche). I picked up the feet at Hobby Lobby and I believe they are supposed to be candlesticks....but hey....they look good here!

whimsical plate by Tracey's Fancy

I then added the decorative molds! I used the same process that I shared with you a few weeks ago in the "Whimsical Salvaged Art" blog post. If you'd like to learn how to do this....I highly recommend you hop over to that blog HERE. It includes a live video of me actually making the molds.

whimsical plate by Tracey's Fancy

I use HOT GLUE!!! Yep....those gorgeous decorative carvings are molds made from hot glue! I make them...paint them....and glue them into place! I then used other paints and gilding waxes to add depth and color which creates a level of richness that almost gives the plate a sense of life or energy!

I've now used this hot glue mold technique on not only these plates...but on the Salvaged Art Sign...AND my Whimsical Halloween Coffin back in October!! The hot glue technique is perfect for the inpatient crafter/painter! It's fast....with each mold being filled and popped out complete in about 30 seconds...not even kidding! I'm telling you.....give it a try!!!

whimsical plate by Tracey's Fancy

As always....I hope you enjoyed reading more about this project! It is quite simple....and VERY inexpensive! I've listed all products used below in my shop section! I'll be back next week with more inspiration for you!


The products listed here are what I used to make this whimsical plate! Dixie Belle Paint company offers amazing products that will make all of your projects successful no matter what your skill level! You can also find my favorite products and tools in my Amazon influencer list here.

Fluff DBP

Van Dyke Brown Glaze

Redesign Silicone Mold

Dixie Belle Paint Brushes

Gilding Wax

See you next week!



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