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Whimsical Pop Art Vanity

I've got another Facebook Marketplace furniture glow up for you!

Whimsical Pop Art Vanity by Tracey's Fancy

I never know if this style of piece should be referred to as a dresser or a vanity. I feel like a true vanity should have a place to pull up a chair..... and this style doesn't. But, it does offer a good view in the mirror with the cut out middle. I have always thought this style makes a great entry piece..... a place to toss your keys or purse.... and a mirror for that last lipstick check before you leave the house!


Whatever it is and wherever you use it...... it should look this fabulous!!! This glow up is big and bold! It demands attention and it energizes the room! It utilizes one of my favorite color combinations..... pink and red...... AND pairs beautifully with my Whimsical Wonderland floral transfer! Here it is against a white wall this time.


I cleaned the piece using White Lightning to remove all dirt, oils and even rust from the hardware and followed this with a good water rinse to make sure all White Lightning was removed.

White Lightning Cleaner

I gave the piece a good scuff sand to break up the glossy finish and add a bit of "tooth" or grip to the surface and most importantly..... I primed the piece with a single coat of Boss in Gray.

Whimsical Pop Art Vanity by Tracey's Fancy

The two large drawer fronts were painted in Dixie Belle Fluff.... as I wanted a bright background to enhance and intensify the bold colors of the floral transfer. The transfer is every so slightly transparent and the floral colors can be subtly affected by paint color beneath them. I have now applied it to both black and white (the two extremes) and they both look amazing. But the flowers on white are a bit brighter.

Applying the transfer

Using a roller..... I applied two coats of the NEW SILK paint called Prickly Pear to the body of the vanity and my heart exploded! LOL! This pink is fire!!!! I will be using it A LOT!!! (the new silk colors will be available soon)

Whimsical Pop Art Vanity by Tracey's Fancy

I measured and applied the Whimsical Wonderland floral transfer to the two drawer fronts.  I created a YouTube video showing this entire process.... from prep to top coating.... that you can watch HERE.  

Now for my obsession with POP ART...... I used a ruler and chalk to measure and draw my sunburst design. I then taped off every other section and painted that section in the NEW Fiery Sky SILK paint......a most fabulous RED!!! This color is so rich! I painted two solid coats on each section and I think it looks SO GOOD!!!!!

pop art vanity

I used a small WoodUBend swag to cover the holes on the two small drawer fronts since its original small knobs were missing. I chose the floral swag..... and painted it in the same Fiery Sky. I plan to drill a hold into the center and place a knob on each small drawer when I find a knob that I feel works with the piece. I did not replace the handles on the larger drawers. I primed each knob with gray Boss and painted with two coats of the Fiery Sky. I did not want to distract from the florals or the sunburst pattern and felt going with the same red for hardware made the most sense. I hope they appear almost invisible.

pop art vanity

Silk has a built in top coat so no additional top coat is required. That is the beauty of this product. I have Silk painted stripes with no additional top coat on my laundry room-to-shop doors (there are 5)..... and over a year later they are holding up beautifully with zero wear and tear! However.... if you choose to top coat Silk paint..... you can! It is a personal preference! I recommend Dixie Belles top coat in satin.

pop art vanity

I am so pleased with this vibrant and fun piece! I hope it brings someone just the energy they are looking for in their space! And, I hope you feel inspired to add some crazy fun personality to a piece of furniture that has none!

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