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Whimsical Wonderland Transfer

Did you hear?

My very own furniture design transfer was just released! The name "Tracey's Fancy" is ON A PRODUCT label! What? This is something I've wanted for a very long time and I can't wait to show you, share it with you, and get it into your hands to create with. Introducing...... Whimsical Wonderland Transfer Florals!

Whimsical Wonderland Transfer on furniture

Isn't it beautiful??

I am so thankful to Dixie Belle for allowing me the opportunity to work with their graphic design artist.... as we brought this design from my heart and brain..... onto paper..... and made it available in a cardboard tube for you!


Have you used a furniture transfer before? They are a game changer for leveling-up your creative designs. And, they can be used on more than just furniture! They work on virtually any surface! You simply peel, stick, rub and release! I'm not going to go into the full details of exactly how they are applied..... that is another day, another blog! Today I just want you to see THIS ONE.... .and imagine all the places you'd like to use it in your home!


The colors are playful and bold! The florals are large and dreamy!

Whimsical Wonderland Transfer inspired by Tracey's Fancy

I've been told by others that they feel a sense of freedom when they look at it! I think this may be stimulated by the gorgeous oversized butterfly taking flight!

Butterflies in the transfer

My Inspiration for the Whimsical Wonderland Transfer

Many of you may recognize these florals since my transfer was inspired by the wallpaper from my old office.... as you can see in this photo from 2019. This office was a space of healing and growth for me as I fought to overcome my hepatitis diagnosis..... and chose to shift my work focus to more of a teaching role..... rather than just painting alone for hours on end in my garage! This was a pivotal time for me...... and this wallpaper brought me so much joy during some really rough days of growth! So, when Dixie Belle asked what I'd like to design as a furniture transfer..... I immediately knew what I wanted! I wanted to offer joy in a tube for my creative whimsical lovers!

Tracey working

The transfer pairs beautifully with the black and white stripe of this armoire! However...... it can hold its own against any color combo you choose! I'll be using it often in the months ahead...... offering many different color scheme pairings for you! I found it interesting that the colors of the flowers deepens a bit against the black of the armoire. I plan to lay it over a white background on the next piece to compare the effect it has on the richness of the florals.

Whimsical Wonderland Transfer on a finished piece

Just look at the water droplets on that vibrant blue flower! It looks so real! And next to that is the hint of a sunny sunflower which happens to be my favorite flower!

Whimsical Wonderland Transfer on furniture

Front of furniture

If you've never tried a transfer before..... now is the time! If you're a pro at applying transfers..... I encourage you to try mine..... I guarantee it will bring you more joy than you knew was possible! I've added a little love to every tube as well..... as a bonus!

Tracey's fancy

So click that gorgeous photo below in the shop section and get yours ordered now! And when you've finished..... and find yourself in your very own Wonderland..... grab a photo and send it my way.... or post on your social channels and add @traceysfancy so I can see it and share it with others!

Thank you for celebrating with me!

XOXO, Tracey

P.S. ......Things are rapidly changing in our world... Including privacy laws with all the new phone and browser updates. It has become increasingly difficult for Dixie Belle to track your order and place it with my name..... so I can be given credit for your purchase. Your phone or computer may ask permission to track "cookies"..... if you decline..... your order will go through.... but I will not receive credit. PLEASE..... use MY LINK HERE...... or the photo in the shop section..... to purchase your transfer. This is the best chance at staying connected to my name. I thank you for the support!

Tracey's Fancy inspired Whimsical Wonderland Transfer
Whimsical Transfer

Top of piece of furniture
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