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Whimsy end table: subtle and classy

I am always thrilled when asked to give a worn-out piece of furniture a whimsical makeover! Especially when it holds its own whimsical style that allows me to just follow the lines and enhance its beauty! This whimsy end table is a perfect example...

Whimsy end table by Tracey's Fancy

My client brought this table to me looking like this.... (I couldn't resist a little cameo from Lucy)

It was worn around the edges....rough around the feet....and yellowed over time.

I was asked to leave the marble in its original form.....and to paint in black and white. I chose to go with Dixie Belle's Drop Cloth (which is exactly the color of a painter's drop cloth) as my "white" since a true white really brought out the yellow of the marble top.

Whimsy end table by Tracey's Fancy

I striped both the top and bottom level surround with Caviar (black).

PRO TIP: It is important when creating stripes around a circle to make sure you end up with an even amount of stripes so you don't end up with two of the same color stripes next to one another. You can do this by taping off in quadrants like a clock face....12/3/6/9.....and continuing to divide each quadrant evenly.

For more pro tips...check out my 2+ hour Stripes and Harlequins tutorial.

Whimsy end table by Tracey's Fancy

I then taped off the inside of the legs using a smaller size tape. Don't forget to burnish your tape edges for a crisp edge!

I painted the tiny stripes around each "window" using a tiny brush and no tape.....calling it freehand. You can see me do this right here.

I want to introduce you to Dixie Belle's latest Gemstone Mousse.....which is now available in four colors! I used the gold here on this table!

It is a heavy pigmented creamy product that can be used to highlight areas with your fingertip or even to be used as a paint for small details with lots of shimmer and much control!

Whimsy end table by Tracey's Fancy

You can see in the photo how rich the gold is....catching even the smallest amount of light. It is non-toxic and SO much better than the smelly/VOC loaded gold detail paint that I have used for years!!!

I love this little whimsy end table! I have always loved the small round French-style tables as they always remind me of my grandmother! This little beauty has been given a new life and lots of personality to enjoy for years!

Whimsy end table by Tracey's Fancy

This beauty reminds me of my distressed harlequin side table that once belonged to my father. It also has a subtle elegant whimsical style. See it HERE. Or this other painted heirloom table with a touch of color.

Step-by-Step: Whimsy End Table

  1. Clean with White Lightning

  2. Prime with Boss in White

  3. Paint 2 coats of Drop Cloth

  4. Stripe details with Caviar

  5. Highlight details with Gemstone Gold Mousse

  6. Seal with 2 coats of Clear Top Coat Satin

See you next week!



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Whimsy end table by Tracey's Fancy
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