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The Cutest Woodland Nursery

I can say without a doubt that baby nurseries ignite every creative cell in my body!!!

There is just NOTHING like being given full creative rights to the room design of a newborn baby!!

Welcome to Kentucky!!!

Kelsi is the daughter of a dear friend of mine and is expecting her first baby VERY soon!

I worked with Kelsi via text messages prior to my travel date....sharing links to purchase for paints, rugs, bedding etc.. She shared with me inspiration ideas for the wall mural and overall likes and dislikes.

By the time I arrived....Kelsi and Clint had the room freshly painted and completely empty (except for crib and rocker) and ready to go!

In just one and a half days.....we took this room from THIS.......

woodland nursery by Tracey's Fancy

* This post may contain affiliate links. I could make a commission at no charge to you if you purchase my recommended products. Please read my disclosure here and my privacy policy here.

To THIS........

(go ahead ....scroll back and forth between the before and's super satisfying!)

woodland nursery by Tracey's Fancy

Okay....we can talk about that wall in just a minute...but lets look at the smaller elements!

And to make recreating this woodland nursery easy for you.....I have curated all items in the shop section below!! You can just click and shop and open boxes and decorate!!!!

The simple look of the crib....and the fact that it is white...allowed us to use darker elements in the room without the overall look becoming to heavy. So there is a nice balance between light and dark!

Kelsi chose a light fresh color for the rocker...and white curtains...which always freshens up a space!

And who noticed the GREEN Dr. Seuss book??? That was tucked away in Kelsi's closet and I did a little happy dance when I stumbled upon it!!!

And guess what else was tucked away??? That Moses basket!!!! And it was Kelsi's as a baby!!!! She did not even mention it to me until I saw it and I almost sent her into labor with my scream!!!

Woodland Nursery Tracey's Fancy

The woodland blanket draped across the crib was our starting off point. We matched our green to one of the trees....and kept with that overall theme and color scheme throughout the room.

The dresser was Clint's as a bachelor. It was a raw pine piece that lent itself into this room design like nobodies business!

It took only ONE coat of Dixie Belles Tree Frog Green....and one coat of Best Dang Black Wax to transform that pine into the rich emerald green goodness!

The dresser is now ready to hold clothes AND a baby for changes!

ps.....I found that lamp sitting all alone on the stairs landing....Kelsi agreed this was the perfect spot for it!

woodland nursery by Tracey's Fancy

ANDDDDDDD......the wall art!!!

I. LOVE. WALL. ART. (See more of my ideas for boys nurseries here.)

I knew exactly what I wanted to create for the feature piece above the dresser!

A fellow furniture painter and talented biz owner.... created a piece similar for her fireplace screen cover....Do Dodson Designs.....and I felt it was a great fit for this nursery.

So Paige (Kelsi's mom) and I got to work and knocked this art piece out in about an hour!

I really do believe it is the piece that ties the entire space together! Learn how I did it in this new blog here.

woodland nursery by Tracey's Fancy

The rain forest wall.

I didn't intend for this wall to look like a rainy day in the woods....but it most certainly does....and I feel it was meant to be! There really is nothing more relaxing than a rainy day....and we need water to grow those tiny there you GO!

The actual painting of that wall was not difficult...but deserves a blog of its I am not going to go into the process here. Stay tuned though.....I have no doubt I will do another soon....and I'll document that process carefully with plans to share!

woodland nursery

I love this view....

It shows every detail in the drippy goodness......and it is the best photo for showing exactly what the wall looks like in person!

woodland nursery

As always....I hope you are inspired to create something similar....even if just one element of this room.

Please don't forget to tag me on social media should you decide to create and share something similar! (Facebook --> @traceysfancy and IG @traceysfancy)

Thank you so much Kelsi and Clint....for inviting and allowing me to use my passion and skills to create this space in your home!

This little man is truly blessed......and it won't be long before he's sitting in that tiny rocker reading that Dr. Seuss book on his own!

May he grow mighty in God's love!


See the Woodland Nursery

Nursery Items

I've taken the time to curate similar Woodland Nursery decor items for you here in this shop section. These are affiliate links, thank you thank you!


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See you next week!



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