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Alice 2 and Buds & Branches Transfers

Every once in a while a client comes along with a request that makes me just want to pinch myself! Can this be real? Can this really be my job? To have the opportunity to create magical furniture designs? To seek out discarded pieces of furniture that no one wanted anymore..... and to turn them into works of art?

Yes...... this is real. And yes..... this is my job.

But it's also my passion..... and I thank you for sharing it with me! The Alice 2 and Buds & Branches Transfers add to that glamour... Let me introduce to you ALICE!

This bedroom chest and nightstand (as well as the bed that you can see in this blog HERE) were created for a clients guest room.... in memory of her mother Alice.  I've shared them with you already.... but without the design transfers.  If you'd like to learn how to create the actual paint finish for the pink chest you can find that HERE.  And the paint finish for the nightstand you can find HERE.  Today I want to share with you how these were transformed into fairy tale pieces with the use of TWO NEW design transfers..... Alice 2 and Buds & Branches.  

The pink chest offered the perfect canvas to tell a story. It was my goal to create a dreamy scene..... using multiple pieces from both transfers. I am pleasantly surprised how well the two transfers work together!

I set the wonderland tone by cutting and layering multiple florals from Buds and Branches transfer. The rich hues of purple and plum paired beautifully with the bold pink of the chest.

Directly across from the wonderland tone.... I placed the large Alice in the teapot transfer from Alice 2. I had so much fun with this part! The Alice transfer comes with so many pieces that you can use to build your own scenes. I added the teacup under the spout of the tea pot. I added the blue scroll to represent a water splash. I placed the "DRINK ME" words just beneath the pot. The roses were part of the transfer and really help to tie in the florals from the other side.

And how about those butterflies for the whole magical wonderland vibe? I used butterflies from BOTH transfers..... just cut them out and place them where I wanted them. And if you look really closely..... you can see the little Humpty Dumpty that I tucked into the top right corner!

The nightstand may be smaller and much less of an open canvas.... but it was just as much fun!

I applied the two WoodUBend molds to the right side of the drawers before I began laying down my design. I used two molds that are not longer in stock.... but molds #2093 would look very similar and offer that tight 90 angle. I wanted to offset the large clock to the left of the drawers. I also wanted the clock to fully sit on the bottom of the drawer trim. However this left Alice's eyes covered by the drawer pull. But, I sort of like it! She's peeking from around the clock anyway..... and I feel like it just makes her appear more sneaky! LOL!

Did you notice the florals on the right..... between the two molds? I LOVE that the Buds and Branches transfer offers a sheet of "nude" florals! They have no color! They are clear with only a black outline...... which layers beautifully with color filled flowers. It's also a great way to add florals to pieces that you don't want to add color to! It's genius!

And finally..... another famous Alice in Wonderland quote from the Alice 2 transfer. "The Hurrier I go... The Behinder I Get." I chose this for the top corner of the nightstand.... and embellished it with two more of the clear florals from Buds and Branches.

And that is that! I am so thankful for the opportunity to honor the memory of my clients mother Alice. Maybe she will send a photo once all the pieces are set up in her home! That would be amazing!

Pink Chest & White Side Table by Tracey's Fancy

I've created a YouTube video showing the entire process of applying these transfers. You can find that HERE.

And remember...... applying transfers is really easy. But, you must rub and release using the wooden stick provided. You then must lightly sand over the transfer surface to release any air bubbles and to make sure your transfer is fully adhered. You can use the extra-fine rad pad to do this.... or the sanding sponge. All transfers must be top coated and I recommend using Top Coat in Satin.

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