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Angel Wings Artwork

Every October I’m asked to donate one of my pieces of art to a good friends church for their Silent Auction. was overlooked this year and I wasn’t asked in advance as usual. By the time we realized it....I had TWO days to create something. Two a ridiculously crowded project calendar of mine....that I am NOT proud of!

I really wanted to decline. Here’s an example of the voices in my head.... don’t have time ....always time for good ....they won’t miss you ....someone needs it will stress you out will bring you joy

You know what I’m talking about....we’ve all got the internal battles.

Well God wins....and I won! This project brought me ALL the JOY! It took me out of my comfort zone and taught me new things. I got to paint, mix colors, spatula thick gooey goodness into feathers....and drip gold paint like a two year old! And I had quiet time. And all the pressure left me. And all I felt was GOOD.

I sent if off feeling nothing but peace....and I hope the person that wins the auction bid for my Heavenly Wing....will feel the same peace come over them.

Do all the good things as often as you can. Don’t let “busy” win....”busy” is not always for the good. .

So many of you have expressed interest in learning my Gold Drippy Angel Wings technique.....and it looks like most of you are GIVERS!!!

Almost every email and message says something about you wanting to make these signs and art pieces for Christmas gifts!

How did I get so be followed by a tribe of GIVING people????

So could I say NO?? How could I tell you I don't have time? How could I not share this with you when you only want to "pay it forward"???

Love what you see??? What to make one for yourself....or someone you love??? Sign up for my course HERE!!



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