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Cottagecore Color Palette: A *NEW* Palette for Tranquil Vibes

I love a good curated color palette! I find it extremely helpful when colors are pulled together specifically to create an overall feel or vibe. Today I'm going to introduce to you SIX brand new colors that lean into the trending Cottage Vibe. Introducing Cottage Collection a cottagecore color palette by Dixie Belle!

Dixie Belle Cottagecore Color Palette by Traceys Fancy

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Cottagecore Color Palette

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A Closer Look at the Cottage Collection!

There is a current trend being referred to as cottagecore.

I personally see these colors as "colorful shabby chic" or just straight up "cottage".

Very often, shabby chic and cottage are portrayed as white only but adding subtle and soft hues of color play beautifully into this same vibe without being overpowering.

Let's take a look at each beautiful color in this cottagecore color palette.

A deep powdery green that represents the flowerless ivy that so perfectly sets the backdrop by climbing the walls, trees and fences of your favorite cottage scene.

Dixie Belle Cottage Color English Ivy by Traceys Fancy

A soft fuzzy green very much like the long slender leaves of the weeping willow tree and the elegance of the dripping canopy. This color is soft but evokes strength as well.

Dixie Belle Cottage Core Color Weeping Willow by Traceys Fancy

Nothing speaks cottage more....than the soft yet colorful presence of a true cottage door. This playful color is the brightest of this curated collection.....and is quite obviously my favorite. It sits nicely between coral and pink.....and was so much fun to paint with!

Dixie Belle Cottage Core Color Cottage Door by Traceys Fancy

This color takes me to that path in the forest with just enough sun peeking through to allow the growth of lush wisteria.....and the fragrance is almost overwhelming. This color is perfection.....and I cannot wait for you to try it!

Dixie Belle Cottage Core Color Secret Path by Traceys Fancy

The color of stones that have been placed perfectly to lead you to somewhere special! The stones are bleached from the sun and years of wind and rain........this color feels trustworthy.

Dixie Belle Cottage Core Color Cobblestone by Traceys Fancy

This color....represents the refreshing drink that awaits you....inside the cottage.....after a long walk to clear your mind. The light smell of cucumber and the refreshing feel of the chilled water. I swear I could smell it while I painted with it!

Dixie Belle Cottage Core Color Cucumber Ice by Traceys Fancy

The beauty of ALL the cottagecore colors together!

Each little plated silver tea pot was painted first with two coats of Slick Stick. I then followed with two coats of each new color.

The little pots were accented with gold gilding wax and filled with fresh baby's breath!

I chose to photograph against white to offer you the purest form of each brand new color!

Dixie Belle Cottagecore Color Palette by Traceys Fancy

I enjoyed these colors much more than I expected! I am a bright color girl but I found these colors calmed my spirit while using keep that in mind!

I can't wait for you to try them! And tell me what you think!!

Remember, all colors are now offered in 4 oz sizes - which makes the perfect size when trying something new!

Try out the *NEW* Cottagecore Color Palette Today!

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Dixie Belle Cottagecore Color Palette by Traceys Fancy

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