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Enchanting Bread Boards

These Enchanting Bread Boards are a work of art!

Enchanting Bread Boards on full display after being whimsically transformed with Dixie Belle Terry Clay paint and embroidered lotus transfer

This Enchanting Bread Boards project turned out to be a lot more fun than I expected!

It was a lot like coloring in a coloring book, but with paints! I say this a lot, but I promise this is something you can do!

Truth be told, I had full intentions of using this design transfer on these boards, but I just wasn't feeling the blue tones.

Now, I know! Trust me, I know! Many of you love blue, and I like it too, but I just don't create with it that often. I did love the design and shapes in the transfer though, so I decided I would just paint it to be a color palette that speaks to me!

If you like watching the transformation, check out my YouTube video:

Click HERE for the video.

Getting Started

I found this adorable breadboard trio at Hobby Lobby.

It was a bit pricey so I waited for it to be 50% off and then grabbed it.

Hobby Lobby plain bread boards used for Enchanting Bread Boards

All I did to prepare the set was a quick clean with White Lightning, a good rinse, and allow it to completely dry.

I set aside the middle board for a totally different design (a suggestion by a Facebook friend) that I actually liked.

Time to Add Transfers to these Enchanting Bread Boards!

The design transfers by Dixie Belle come in four sheets per tube. This particular design is a "build-out" design, meaning it offers many sizes and individual pieces that you can cut and place to build your own unique design.

DB Belles and Whistles Embroidered Lotus Transfer

I chose the larger lotus bloom for the large breadboard.

The transfers LOVE raw wood so application is a breeze!

Once the transfer was applied, I lightly burnished it with a finishing pad. I then began the color transformation using Terra Clay paints (I've listed the colors in the list below).

Using Embroidered Lotus Transfer for one breadboard design

Burnishing transfer onto Enchanting Bread Boards to complete transfer appl;ication

Completed design transfer onto Enchanting Bread Boards

This process is so simple!

Just color in between the lines (something you won't hear me say often LOL!) until you have a color palette that you love!

This is a game-changer for design transfers. You are no longer tied to the color palette that the transfers come in! Especially florals. You can paint the flowers in YOUR favorite colors!

Adding moonbeam onto transfer for base

Adding Bougainvillea to transfer for magenta tint

Adding Marigold to edge of transfer on Enchanting Bread Boards

I recommend allowing this paint to dry overnight.

The paint will require a sealer/protector coat.

I used Dixie Belle's new hard-finishing wax; however, I know this is not currently available to purchase.

I recommend using a very light coat of Top Coat in Flat, being careful to not over-brush so as to not reactivate your clay paint.

Once this coat is dry, you can follow with a coat of Gator Hide for the best protection. This is of course a workaround until the finishing wax becomes available.

Checkerboard Pattern

For the middle-sized board, I opted to paint with my favorite checkerboard pattern.

I started with Terra Clay in Moonbeam before using a ruler to draw out the checked pattern by creating both vertical and horizontal lines.

white lightning applied to Enchanting Bread Boards

Primed board with Moonbeam for base

Afterward, I used a ruler to draw the lines and then followed that with a sharpie permanent marker.

Using a ruler and sharpie to great grid for checker pattern

completed grid pattern for Enchanting Bread Boards

Using my artist brushes, I filled in every other square with Onyx black.

Onyx used for checker pattern

Applying onyx paint onto Enchanting Bread Boards to create pattern

Finishing checker pattern with terra clay based paint in onyx

Completed pattern of checks on Enchanting Bread Boards

Once the first coat of black was dry, I lightly went over each square with a thin second coat.

I allowed this to dry overnight, then protected it using the hard finishing wax. Again, I recommend a single coat of Gator Hide to protect the paint finish.

WoodUBend Embellishment

I then chose a few pieces of WoodUBend from my bone pile! WoodUBend bone pile is all the scraps that I've trimmed away when creating specific shapes for projects. I always save these little extra pieces and this is exactly why!!!

I used a small piece to embellish the handle of each board before I painted it in the same tones as the transfer. Then, I heated it up and glued it in place.

Applying WUB to handles for decorative touch

The final touch on the WoodUBend pieces and even parts of the transfer was to add tiny embellished touches of Copper Gilding Wax!

It was the perfect match and added a nice little shimmer that the trio was missing!

Enchanting Bread Boards on their side, showcasing transfer and painted designs and handle embellishments

Now, aren't they adorable???

Just goes to show you can use transfers as not only inspiration but a starting point where you can let your personality shine through. While the Embroidered Lotus Transfer didn't fit my color palette, It gave me a wonderful design as a starting point that I could customize to make it my own.

I LOVE anything that lets me work smarter, not harder; especially when it comes to art.

Enchanting Bread Boards next to DB Belles and Whistles Embroidered Lotus Transfer tube since lotus transfer was used as a base starting point design that Tracey customized using Terra clay-based paint

NOTE: I would NOT recommend using these to serve food unless you used a napkin or cloth over the board, creating a barrier between the food and the art.

I think they make a whimsical décor piece for your kitchen, adding a pop of color in the most subtle way!

Alright. Who's going to look at design transfers differently now?

Find one you like, and paint it!!!!

Other whimsy creations for you:

Courtly Checked Knife Blocks by Tracey's Fancy

Final display of Sweet Tooth Tea Set created by Tracey's Fancy using Dixie Belle chalk mineral paint and gold pigment

Want more fancy furniture & design?

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