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Graffiti dresser painted outside my comfort zone

This painted graffiti dresser is intentional.

I realize that may be difficult for some of you to believe....but it is 100% on purpose!

This is a perfect example of why I love what I do so much! I am never bored.....and always surprised!

Painted graffiti dresser by Traceys Fancy

So a little back story on this one...

I was asked by a dear friend to paint a dresser for her daughter....who happens to be really good friends with Zadie. They were in the middle of a bedroom overhaul and had narrowed down the look they wanted for the piece. I asked her to send me pictures.....and about DIED when I received the text. At first, I was horrified.....and almost immediately declined.

Instead...I thought about it for a bit....and continued to study the picture. As I looked at the inspiration actually began to grow on me. I was also intrigued by the thought of using spray paints!

I have always loved graffiti! I realize it is not always used in the best way....but when it is done artistically and used to beautify a space.....I usually really like it. I love the colors and the overspray and the artist's ability to paint with a can!

So with very little thought....and a lot of excitement...I accepted the commission.

Introducing my very first (and maybe only....LOL) spray-painted/graffiti dresser!!!

And just in case you are actually inspired to try this yourself.....I will tell you exactly how I did this.

I cleaned this amazing quality Ethan Allen dresser with White Lightning.

I rolled a base coat of Slick Stick the original surface was quite slick.

And just in case you aren't familiar...Slick Stick is an amazing product that saved my butt twice this past month!! It is used as a preparation for very slick surfaces like glass, metal, tile, formica, or laminate....which then allows you to paint with chalk paint....and it works!!!

I then opened the doors to my shop to make sure the space was well ventilated. And I wore a good mask for protection.

I also covered all painted furniture in my shop as the overspray in the air is intense and settles as fine dust EVERYWHERE! My garage is still slightly covered in a fine orange dust. I can only imagine what it would do to your WEAR protection!

And then...I just started painting.

I started with the fluorescent color of orange and pink and yellow.....sort of using them as an overall base coat.

From there.....I began adding the more bold and primary colors in small doses all over. I stuck to circle patterns and squiggles....and also made sure to take my spray design around the corners and over the edges.

Painted graffiti dresser by Traceys Fancy

I also learned....that holding the can far away gives you a beautiful transparent spray with wide coverage....while spraying up close gives you a very opaque coverage with the ability to make real designs.

I would just spray for a while....and step back to study the color. I did this over and over....layer after layer.....with the red heart being the last addition.....I stood back to look.....and was done.

Painted graffiti dresser by Traceys Fancy

I allowed this to dry overnight. I did a little research on spray paints and made the decision to not top coat it. Evidently spray paint is quite hardy.....and really doesn't require a top coat.

My friend and her daughter.....are both very pleased! And to be am I. I never saw myself doing a project like this....but honestly...I never saw myself being a furniture artist at all!

But here I am and it feels so good!

Painted graffiti dresser by Traceys Fancy

One more thing.....spray painting this hashtag on my staging wall was maybe more fun than the graffiti dresser!!!

Painted graffiti dresser by Traceys Fancy

It felt like a rebellious act...LOL! I don't do rebellious things very often.

And it really wasn't rebellious! LOLOL!


And I've already painted over it....but I kind of like knowing it's under there!

So when you see my staged pieces from here on out.....remember the #donthate is underneath!

Ok....I'm open to comments....I think! BE nice!

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Painted graffiti dresser by Traceys Fancy
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