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Flamingo DIY Growth Chart

Flamingo DIY Growth Chart by Tracey's Fancy
Flamingo DIY Growth Chart by Tracey's Fancy

Keepsake abandonment is a real thing people! Leaving behind those tiny marks on a door jamb or wall.....marking the growth of your precious babies....causes great suffering! It only took one move and I knew I would never make that mistake again! Meet.....the Cooky Ostrich and the Regal Flamingo.....just two of my latest growth chart creations!

Flamingo DIY Growth Chart by Tracey's Fancy

I've never taken these custom orders too seriously....I've never even added them to my shop.

In all honesty I don't know they really are a VERY important item to have in your home.

Flamingo DIY Growth Chart by Tracey's Fancy

Falling in love with the harlequin background? It's SO easy to do!! Check out my easy-to-follow tutorial to make the perfect harlequin pattern every time!

Flamingo DIY Growth Chart by Tracey's Fancy
Flamingo DIY Growth Chart by Tracey's Fancy

How many of us have marked our children/grandchildren(s) growth on a wall or door or door frame....only to move years later and suffer from full on regret that you had to leave those little marks behind?? These growth charts last forever...and can be moved...and sent with each child to measure their own children in the years to come. Isn't that a heartwarming thought?

We have one in our laundry room that has every single grand baby on one piece....and the KINSEY chart you see here is for our youngest grand baby to have in her own home. Its an EASY and FUN DIY.....and I really encourage you to give it a try!

It doesn't have to be #fancy. Just paint a board...and measure and paint the marks. Or if you want to get a little bit some stencils and add a name....and give "free-handing" a design a try. If you don't like it...its ONLY a growth chart! LOL! Hang your masterpiece in a closet! Ha!


More Inspiration: Growth Charts

Custom growth charts are an easy unique gift idea...and I love making them! Here are a few grow chart ideas for your family and friends:


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