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How to paint whimsical kitchen cabinets with chalk paint

I'm here with two more sections completed of my client's whimsical kitchen cabinets.  These next four cabinet doors hang directly above and flank.... the stove hood. They are immediately visible when you enter the kitchen..... as were the first section of cabinets (you can see those here).

My goal with this crazy fun kitchen is to carry a color scheme and pattern thread throughout.... and not so much a theme. My client actually gave me permission to paint EVERY.... SINGLE.... door as an individual picture.... as if it were a canvas!  I have decided to use multiple doors to create large feature pieces of art.

whimsical kitchen cabinets with florals | Tracey's Fancy

Whimsical Kitchen Cabinets: overflowing vase

I did choose to do another floral arrangement.....using completely different flowers and another version of a vase.

  1. A little prep involved cleaning with White Lightning and rinsing well.

  2. I primed with a coat of Boss in Gray.

  3. I painted with a single coat of The Gulf.

  4. I then used chalk to draw my vase.  

  5. Then based on the size of the vase and the width of the doors..... I began to draw large circles with the chalk representing where each flower would sit in the arrangement.  

I have all the Dixie Belle colors I've used so far kept in a box of its own..... and I will store it this way until the entire project is complete. 

This ensures all the same colors will be used from section to section.

PRO TIP : When you are using many colors across multiple complementing projects.... it makes it easier to keep them together. 

I chose my colors from the collection in the box.... and began laying out my color pattern for the flowers.  

Once everything was blocked out nicely... I began to draw my checkerboard pattern on the vase.  I used a checkerboard pattern as an accent in the first cabinet section and I wanted to carry it over a little heavier this time.  I drew the checks using a ruler and painted them freehand with a tiny brush. 

whimsical kitchen cabinets with florals | Tracey's Fancy

I then began the fun part of free painting the colors and details on the flowers. I really don't start with much of a plan. And, I don't try to mimic real flowers that often. I just make them up as I go and paint what comes to mind. It's a real freestyle paint.... and I think everyone should try it!

I used q-tips, paintbrushes, and my fingers!  

This video provides a great visual summary of all the steps I've discussed above... including drawing and painting the vase checks, free painting the flowers, detailing the flowers to make them "pop", and even how I paint hydrangeas with a q-tip.

I do try to balance and offset my colors.  As I explained in the first blog.... I paint.... stand back.... choose a color spot.... and step forward to paint.  I do this over and over as I'm deciding what areas need what colors.

I love using the Dixie Belle chalk paints.... because I can leave it open to the air for a thicker more textured medium.... and add water for a thin watercolor-like medium. The coverage is amazing.... and the paint is very forgiving. It offers so much dimension to my florals.

whimsical kitchen cabinets with florals | Tracey's Fancy

Once the entire design is complete..... I go back with a black oil paint pen and outline almost everything. I do this..... to keep my painting more pop-art/whimsical style. This is sort of my way of saying..... "nope.... not trying to look like real flowers here"!

whimsical kitchen cabinets with florals | Tracey's Fancy

I then mixed up a bit of my Gemstone Mousse in gold with a bit of gloss topcoat..... and applied it to the handles of the vase.... and scattered small gold circles throughout the arrangement. Each section will have small gold embellishments..... because no project is complete without a touch of gold.

whimsical kitchen cabinets with florals | Tracey's Fancy

Each door is coated in two thin coats of Gator Hide which is an amazing protection coat for a kitchen as it is water repellant!  I have used it on multiple surfaces in my home (dining table BLOG and my kitchen tile backsplash) and it holds up like a champion.  

whimsical kitchen cabinets with florals | Tracey's Fancy

Whimsical Kitchen Cabinets: sunburst sunshine

These next two doors are part of the lower kitchen cabinets. They will sit directly below section #2 that I just explained in detail above.

whimsical kitchen cabinets with florals and sunburst | Tracey's Fancy

Are you surprised it's not another floral? And are you wondering what rolling hills have to do with large floral bouquets?

My client initially asked me to paint every single door with its own scene!!  I tried to wrap my head around that idea..... and just couldn't get there. 

So I began creating large floral arrangements in my mind that encompassed multiple doors at a time.  This brought me to two very large florals on opposing sides of the kitchen (floral vase section #1 seen HERE or overflowing floral vase section #2 seen ABOVE).

I wanted the lowers to be clean and crisp..... with more emphasis on lines and patterns..... using the same color palette..... and including a bit of boho/whimsy which I know my client loves.  I chose rolling hills and sunshine.

The sunburst pattern is another favorite of mine...and has been since childhood.  I have a whole collection of sunburst painted furniture that you can see HERE. I incorporate it wherever I can! 

I knew I could pull in all the colors in the hills....

.....and even pulled in the stripes AND checks!

Here is how this section was created...

Here you can see all sections together thus far:

whimsical kitchen cabinets with florals and sunburst | Tracey's Fancy

Gold & Dots and finishing touches

I have one more section coming soon! You may have to look really close.... but I've added very subtle touches of gold to each scene.... the handles on the checkered vase..... random dots within the florals...... and even a dot pattern across the red rolling hill.   I used Gemstone Mousse mixed with Top Coat Gloss to achieve this liquid gold look.

I've top coated the cabinets with Gator Hide for extra durability and protection from moisture and daily use that they will likely be exposed to in the kitchen!

whimsical kitchen cabinets with florals and sunburst | Tracey's Fancy

I look forward to next week....when I get to call her up and say..... THEY ARE DONE!!!! I can't imagine living without cabinet doors in my kitchen for this long!

It has been so much fun!  I know it is "out there" but that makes it all the more fun for me!  This is going to be ONE HAPPY kitchen!!!

If you want to learn how to paint kitchen cabinets with chalk paint in a more subdued way, you can see how I painted MY cabinets HERE.

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Shop: Whimsical kitchen cabinets

The products listed here are what I used for all of these whimsical kitchen cabinets!  Dixie Belle Paint company offers amazing products that will make all of your projects successful no matter what your skill level! Just click on any of the products shown below!  You can also find my favorite products and tools in my Amazon influencer list HERE.

Here's how it works... these products are attached to my name. When you purchase by clicking from my blog.....then Dixie Belle offers a kickback to me for referring you!  It doesn't cost you any more to use my links....and the support helps me to bring you new projects!  So I thank you in advance!!!

whimsical kitchen cabinets with florals and sunburst | Tracey's Fancy
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