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Leopard print side table with easy foil application

This leopard print side table is a tiny little project....but it counts too! Not everything needs to be a jaw-dropping DIY!

leopard print side table with foil application | Tracey's Fancy

I was asked by a client to makeover this little table that she likes to use in front of her sofa.

It is not the coffee table.....she has one of those as well....instead this is a lightweight table that she can move when needed to anyone sitting on a giant lounge-type sofa. You can see in the photos that the sofa is dark...and she wanted this table to be lightened up a bit.

It is a gorgeous table with a lot of detail.....and I was happy to give it a subtle makeover.

I gave it a good cleaning with White remove years and years of oils that had been used to both clean and nourish the wood.

I'm just going to tell you.....if you are satisfied by seeing a large amount of grime lifted from a surface....give White Lightning a try. It's oddly satisfying to me!

I chose to only paint the table top surface (minus the center carving and inset) and the skirting in two coats of Drop Cloth. Once completely dry.....I heavily applied Best Dang Wax Black and wiped back using a baby wipe.

leopard print side table with foil application | Tracey's Fancy

This allowed the black to sink into the carvings of the skirt as well as the pores of the chalk painted top surface just enough to add depth and a naturally aged look.

I then applied an adhesive paste to the inset surface around the carved well as the center finial where the crossbars and the legs meet....and finally to the tips of each leg (or the feet).

leopard print side table with foil application | Tracey's Fancy

I used a gorgeous leopard foil leaf product by Jennifer Ferguson of Artistic Painting Studio. She carries the most amazing foils......every color and print you can imagine!! Her adhesive is the best I've ever used! Check her out on YouTube!

I applied the foil to the tacky adhesive per her instructions.....and it went on with such ease! None of that gold foil mess that I'm used to!

leopard print side table with foil application | Tracey's Fancy

I then sealed the foil and the painted surfaces with Dixie Belles Clear Top Coat in Satin.

I applied Dixie Belle's Big Mamas Butta to the raw wood for a rich and nourished looking finish!

And that's it!!!

leopard print side table with foil application | Tracey's Fancy

I tried to add just a touch of glam and little life to this otherwise dark and overlooked accent piece.

I'm pleased with the outcome!!!

Have you heard? I love animal prints!

To me, animal prints are a kind of neutral. I've been known to paint them on many for my pieces...see some of my favorite animal print pieces. The leopard patina grunge is one of my favorites. I loved it so much that I couldn't let it go and it now lives in MY house!

I even have a tutorial on my website to learn to paint your own leopard print...

Shop: leopard print side table

The products listed here are what I used for this leopard print side table! Dixie Belle Paint company offers amazing products that will make all of your projects successful no matter what your skill level! Just click on any of the products shown below! You can also find my favorite products and tools in my Amazon influencer list here.

Here's how it works...these products are attached to my name. When you purchase by clicking from my blog.....then Dixie Belle offers a kickback to me for referring you! It doesn't cost you any more to use my links....and the support helps me to bring you new projects! So I thank you in advance!!!

See you next week!



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leopard print side table with foil application | Tracey's Fancy
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