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Playful Dress Up Cart

This playful dress up cart reminds me of my grands.. I was lucky enough to spend the last several days surrounded by all of my children, and their children, way too much food, a few movies… and I managed to lead THREE of my Fabulous Dah-ling Paint Parties!

One thing I did NOT do…. was shop! Did any of you brave the Black Friday crowds??? I'd love to hear about it! I've become more of a "pick and click" kinda shopper. I mean…. how can you resist Amazon Prime??? No crowds…. great prices…. and at my doorstep in a day or two!

Just like this dress up cart!

However…. when it arrived it looked nothing like this! No feather boa…. no monogram…. no ball-balls (aka ball fringe trim….private joke)…. no fancy paint job!

* This post may contain affiliate links, I could make a commission at no charge to you if you purchase my recommended products. Please read my disclosure here.

It arrived like this photo below…… boring…. vanilla….. very NOT exciting.

I see this so often when I am shopping! A great idea…. a solid design…. purely functional… but absolutely ZERO personality!

You can change this!!!

PAINT PEOPLE! Paint changes everything! And you can do it!

Not just to this dress up cart, but to absolutely anything that you even remotely like…… ANYTHING can be made personal and unique with just a little vision and a good quality paint!

PS- There are a ton of similar dress up storage units on Amazon on sale now: like this dress up unit

This one was mine before it was painted...

I chose the bright bold colors from Dixie Belle Paint Company for this project.

They offer a full line of colorful paints with the cutest and most memorable names. The paint is chalk mineral based and does not require sanding or priming prior to painting. The coverage of this paint is amazing! This allows you a quick and easy project…. and opens up even more time to add details that will make your project YOURS!

I LOVE details….. lots and lots of details!

I coated the entire piece in Dixie's Flamingo, which is the sort of peachy pinky orangey color you see.

I then chose the harlequin pattern for the front…using their bright pink called Peony. I absolutely love how these two colors play off each other.

Spin the cart around….and I paired the Flamingo with a horizontal stripe in Soft Pink.

How adorable is this end with the mirror??? The original design came with a mirror in place…but it was not framed and was completely boring. So I decided to add this brightly colored baroque-style frame ON TOP of the boring option. Instant personality!!!! I then painted the little shelf in Modern Masters Metallic Olympic Gold, hand lettered the word "hello"….and topped it off with a row of ball-balls for added BAM! L.O.V.E ….. I.T. sooo much!

The diagonal stripes are done in DBP Pure Ocean and Palmetto. I wanted polka dots….so I chose to go with JUMBOs….and achieved this by tracing red solo cup with a piece of chalk…and filling it in with my metallic gold paint of choice….Liquid Leaf

Ball-Balls? Ball Fringe? What do you call it?

I will never out grow this stuff!!! I've loved it since I was a little girl and will continue to use it whenever I have the opportunity! So I did here… front and back! (There is a similar pompom fringe on Amazon here

This cart would be shared by two sisters…… Allegra and Juliette. I wanted them to see their names front and center on this wildly fancy cart! So I framed out the monogram and hand-lettered their names in a simple script…. in bold black and white…. and finished it off with a polka-dot trim!

I finished out the inside of this dress up cart with Pure Ocean…. and stenciled it with a lace stencil pattern

I sealed the entire piece with DBP Clear Top Coat.

I cannot stress to you enough how easy it is to transform ANYTHING with paint! The paint companies have blessed us with these no-prep paints… and the stencil companies with these precut stencils…. and Pinterest with its wildly laid out ideas…. and bloggers like ME telling YOU that YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!

Try it! I challenge you to find something in your home that you have considered getting rid of. Choose a paint product that you've heard good things about. Not just any paint product! This will make or break your creativity. A good quality paint is KEY! Clear yourself a little painting area…. turn on some good music….. and just give it a try! Paint it…. and seal it! You'll be hooked!


If you would like to try Dixie Belle Paints… can order these online at Dixie Belle Paint Company and few products from Amazon.

Thank you for joining me!

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