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Repurposed Cigar Boxes

This project actually inspired ME! LOL! My mind went nuts thinking about all the genius ways I could makeover and use cigar boxes! Repurposed cigar boxes can be used for many things and don't take a lot of time to do.

I created this fancy set of cigar boxes to show off the new five limited edition fall colors being offered by Dixie Belle. Each box is base coated and primarily featuring a new color layered that I gently mixed with Sea Spray paint additive to create a gorgeous texture. I wanted the boxes to appear aged and Sea Spray offers that without fail.


Merlot is a deep rusty red reminiscent of the darkest shade of red on the color changing leaves of fall. This box features a WoodUBend frame and crown that encompass a pattern created with the Lace Silk Screen Stencil. I LOVE that pattern! I used the Thing-A-Ma-Jig tool to press Caviar through the silk screen and onto the Cashmere backdrop. I used Gold Gilding Wax to "paint" the frame and crown. I then applied Best Dang Wax in Black and wiped back leaving dark shadows in all the crevices. Highlights were added again using Gold Gilding Wax.


Juniper is a soft powdery green that maintains its strength in color while appearing velvety in its hue. This box holds a single angel wing by WoodUBend. I used the same technique as above by creating shading and shadows with the Black Wax and highlighting with Gold Gilding Wax.


Cashmere is a creamy shade of white that you might find in your favorite cable knit throw. I used the same Lace Silk Screen Stencil to add the pattern to the top surface. I then applied two WoodUBend molds (the key hole.... and an extra scrap piece) to create the applique shape. I "painted" the applique with the gilding wax.... and again..... shaded the entire box with Best Dang Wax in black.


Latte is the most amazing shade of brown with heather gray undertones. I used the Harlequin stencil with both Latte and Caviar and outlined my diamond patterns with Cashmere! I LOVE how this look turned out!!!! I then applied the WoodUBend bow.... which happens to be one of my favorite molds they carry! I dark waxed and embellished with gold gilding wax.

Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin Spice is just as it sounds.... the shade of our favorite flavorful latte that we wait for every fall. This little box was a piece of cake! I just applied the WoodUBend applique mold and hand-painted the details using the Juniper, Merlot and Cashmere. I dark waxed and embellished with Gold Gilding wax.

I found these cigar boxes at my local Goodwill. But I actually had someone tell me that your local Cigar bars will sell you these boxes for .50 - $1!! I hadn't even thought of that! The holidays are approaching and there are so many ways you could create and use these boxes.... such as:

  1. Use them as gift holders

  2. Use them as place setting holders

  3. Use them as part of your table decor (think centerpiece as you see on these candle sticks here)

  4. Use them as teacher gifts/secret Santa gifts

  5. Use them to hold special notes, photos & memories

  6. Build them into garlands and wreaths

  7. Decorate your mantle with them

  8. Create some for every holiday

I could go on and on!!!! I hope you are inspired by this project! And listen.... these specific colors are limited.... but I am going to list similar Dixie Belle Colors here.... just in case they sell out quickly..... I want you to be able to purchase a color as close as possible....

  1. Merlot is similar to Rustic Red

  2. Juniper is similar to Kudzu

  3. Cashmere is similar to Buttercream

  4. Latte is a good match to Mud Puddle

  5. Pumpkin Spice is similar to Terracotta

Alrighty.....I'm off to my local Cigar Bar!!!

XOXO, Tracey

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