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Teal floral jewelry armoire with a whimsical feel

About 7-8 years ago, I painted almost as many jewelry armoires as I did dressers. Every bedroom suite ordered seemed to include a standing jewelry this newly painted teal floral jewelry armoire

Then....they just stopped

It was the strangest thing...people just quit asking for them.

As with everything else in life, things run in cycles, and jewelry armoires seem to be back This is my third jewelry armoire to paint in a matter of just a few short weeks.

Teal Floral Jewelry Armoire by Tracey's Fancy

This armoire was created during a live video broadcast in my creative Posh & Fancy membership group.

Teal Floral Jewelry Armoire by Tracey's Fancy

Supplies Used

Jewelry Armoire Project Details

I wanted the black and white stripes to serve as the focal point with the rich deep teal of Antebellum blue as a background. If you haven't used Dixie Belle's Antebellum Blue yet.....I encourage you to add it to your shopping cart!

Teal Floral Jewelry Armoire by Tracey's Fancy

It is a fabulous color....especially when wanting to add a pop of color to your fall decor! It's warm and cool at the same time! How is that even possible?

This makes it a great year-round color for your home!

I knew I wanted to use this Baroque transfer by Hokus Pokus but I never intended to use it as an "all over" pattern.

Teal Floral Jewelry Armoire by Tracey's Fancy

However, once I started laying down the florals I just couldn't stop! So I used every single flower on the huge transfer on this very petite armoire.

I am very pleased with the final look!

I also chose to fill in any blank space with damask stencil by Dixie Belle.....choosing their reformulated gold wax as my color. This wax is not yet available either...however the same look can be achieved with Rub 'n Buff gold and a brush or sponge.

Teal Floral Jewelry Armoire by Tracey's Fancy

The Wood U Bend bow additions to the sides add a touch of sweetness to an otherwise very bold piece despite its size.

And finally......the fairy door! The Posh and Fancy fairy door!!! There is something so magical about the addition of these to my furniture creations! These have just become available to the U.S. so if you want one, you might want to grab it because I don't know how long they will last!

WoodUBend Posh & Fancy fairy door by Tracey's Fancy

More Jewelry Armoire Inspiration

I hope you enjoy this teal floral jewelry armoire as much as I do...and if you want to see some of my other recent jewelry armoire blogs, please click below for more details.

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