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Painted Jewelry Armoire with Design Transfers

I write to you encourage every single one of you to try a furniture decor transfer! Like the one I did on this painted jewelry armoire...

Whimsical Painted Jewelry Armoire with design transfers by Traceys Fancy

The transformation of this simple Bombay and Co. jewelry armoire is nuts! It is made possible with a really easy and free style painting technique.....and the application of a design transfer!

This piece was VERY I found it necessary to apply Slick Stick by Dixie Belle. Slick Stick has amazing grip to surfaces that would otherwise be difficult to paint! Surfaces such as glass, mirrors, baked on finishes like Ikea and Bombay & Co. pieces, tile and formica to name a few.

It does NOT color block I used BOSS White as a primer on top of the Slick Stick (one coat). This wasn't necessary...but I had originally planned for this piece to be an off-white and I was preparing for that. However it morphed into a much darker piece which wouldn't have needed the color blocker.....oh well!

I used many color to create this piece....

.....AND I painted it without a paint brush! Well...for the most part. Instead....I used the new transfer application not only apply the transfer....but as a scraper/spatula for my paint to give me the layered/washed/aged look that I had in mind.

Ok.....I realize you may not want to try painting with this tool.....but if you plan to purchase and try a transfer...I highly recommend this new tool for applying it! The old "popsicle" sticks that come with the transfers are just OK....but this new tool is the bomb!!! Everything I used on this project is listed below in my shop make it easy shopping for you!

I used THREE more NEW items on this piece:

Moonshine Metallic Paint in Steel Magnolia is gently mixed into the layering of paints to give it a somewhat industrial vibe. It is easy to see in the trim that surrounds the top edge and middle edge. It is a gorgeous silver-fish color that picks up light and totally adds glam! If you are a Modern Masters will LOVE Dixie Belles new Moonshine Metallics. Steel Magnolia is a direct match to MM Warm Silver!

I also used a new Fleur de Lis Door Knocker from Redesign with Prima from their new hardware series! I felt it was perfect to pair with the Antique Imprint design transfer! It was a dark black....that I covered in DB Gravel Road...and dry brushed with Steel Magnolia. It really transformed the overall feel of the entire piece!

My last new product to try is the roman numeral moulds! How amazing are they???? One silicone mold gives you three different sizes to try! The ones you see on the drawers here are the smallest of the three options. Have you tried ANY moulds yet??? They are addicting! I painted them in Gravel Road and dry brushed with Steel Magnolia.

And how about the surprise pop of color?? I LOVE this color combo of Plum Crazy and Palmetto! I chose to embrace the original green felt and Palmetto was the perfect match!

Whimsical Painted Jewelry Armoire with design transfers by Traceys Fancy

I wanted to add a hint of "color" to the outside of the jewelry armoire...for added interest as well as to suggest there might be more on the inside! I used a colored wax that I had in my inventory but you could just as easily do this with a small brush and Plum Crazy paint.

I finished off by accenting areas with Best Dang Wax in brown....and finally a good top coat of Big Momma's Butta.....for a soft finish and protection.

Whimsical Painted Jewelry Armoire with design transfers by Traceys Fancy

I created this piece LIVE while others watched on my Whimsical Wednesday broadcast. If you missed it and would like to see this done in action.....feel free to pop over to my You Tube channel for more!

And if you are looking for more design transfer inspiration, check out my NINE favorite furniture transfer projects HERE.

Painted Jewelry Armoire Shop

The products listed here are what I used for this project! Dixie Belle Paint company offers amazing products that will make all of your projects successful no matter what your skill level! Just click on any of the products shown below! You can also find my favorite products and tools in my Amazon influencer list here.

See you next week!



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Whimsical Painted Jewelry Armoire with design transfers by Traceys Fancy
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