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Red jewelry armoire with the perfect design transfer

I have painted many jewelry armoires over the years but it's been a while since the last.  I really enjoyed working on a piece this size and I have a feeling you will see a few more in the near future! For now, check out this red jewelry armoire with a splash of whimsy!

red jewelry armoire with design transfer by Tracey's Fancy

Supplies Used

This post may contain affiliate links. I could make a commission at no charge to you if you purchase my recommended products. Please read my disclosure here and my privacy policy here.

Start with the Prep

As always, prepped this piece using White Lightning and covered it with a single coat of BOSS in white.

Red Jewelry Armoire Design

Top Surface

The top surface (lid) and the skirt of the piece are striped in Fluff and Caviar (white and black) by Dixie Belle Paint Company.

Body Design

The body of the cabinet is painted in a blend of Honky Tonk Red and Barn Red. I focused on the outer edges with Barn Red and used the brighter Honky Tonk Red in the centers of each panel.

I introduced Coffee Bean to the legs.....deepening the color as I got closer to the feet.

red jewelry armoire with design transfer by Tracey's Fancy

I used a new damask stencil by Dixie Belle. It was the perfect size for this armoire. I also used Gemstone Mousse for the metallic gold paint with the stencil.

red jewelry armoire with design transfer by Tracey's Fancy

Dixie Belle has a variety of design transfers you can choose from and create your own work of art.  Check out the possibilities HERE!

red jewelry armoire with design transfer by Tracey's Fancy

PRO TIP: It is recommended to apply a clear coat and let dry overnight before applying your transfer.

I applied two Dixie Belle exclusive Wood U Bend molds using Tite Bond glue and a quick heat set with my heat gun one at the top and one at the bottom. These molds are so easy to FAST and EASY to apply and they are WOOD! They are not epoxy or rubber or clay. They are wood....adding an authentic look to your finish.

Adding Depth to Corners & Edges

I added depth to the corners and edges and brought forth the detail of the molds using Best Dang Wax in Black. I then added highlights with the Gold Gemstone Mousse to the raised molds and feet.

red jewelry armoire with design transfer by Tracey's Fancy

I sealed this red jewelry armoire in Clear Coat Satin.

The Final Look

I haven't used red, black and white together in a very long time....maybe almost two years! I love the power that these three colors suggest when used together.

red jewelry armoire with design transfer by Tracey's Fancy

I think my next one will be done in a soft and romantic color palette!

I'm hoping the smaller size of the jewelry armoires will inspire you to give this whole furniture painting thing a try!

P.S. I couldn't resist adding this photo... aren't these two the cutest?? They were "helping" me stage and photograph...

More Inspiration

Don't miss out on some other jewelry armoire designs like this painted jewelry armoire or this Bombay jewelry box that belonged to my mother.

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