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Sunburst Glam Armoire

This was one of those pieces of furniture that I saw the finished design in my mind the instant I laid eyes on it in Facebook Marketplace. That giant featured circle pattern was just calling for this sunburst pattern and I stepped right up to make it happen! Introducing the Sunburst Glam Armoire....

Sunburst Glam Armoire by Tracey's Fancy

If you are a new reader, hello and welcome to the Fancy Fam! With over a decade of furniture painting experience, I can honestly say that sharing my projects through this blog is still my favorite way to inspire! I've got years worth of fun and creative ways to update your home decor and furniture through paint! If this sounds like something you'd like to have delivered to you every Sunday be sure to sign up for my weekly newsletter here!

Watch this week's Sunburst Glam YouTube video.

Please watch my YouTube video showing in more detail how I created this one of a kind look. And leave a comment telling me what you think!!

Before - Sunburst Glam Armoire

The before photo as you can see here…. is dark but really quite beautiful! However, I knew with just a couple of paint colors this piece would be a rockstar and red carpet ready! I painted this armoire LIVE over a two hour period in my private membership group, Curiously Creative…. which means I have very few progress photos to share.

It's a relatively easy finish though and one I believe you can figure out how I got there as long as I let you know what products I used and in what order.

Prepping the piece for paint

  1. Cleaned with White Lightning

  2. Primed with two coats of BOSS White using a roller.

  3. Painted in a single coat of Silk paint in Saltwater (an all-in-one paint that has a primer and top coat included) which makes it really handy!!

Sunburst Glam Armoire by Tracey's Fancy

If you want more details on how to properly prep furniture, please visit my How I prep furniture for chalk paint blog HERE.

Adding the eye-catching Sunburst!

I then began the sunburst markings using a pencil and a yardstick. I used my "how to measure evenly in a circle" technique that I discuss at length in the salt & pepper YouTube video HERE. This ensures you will end up with even spaces and will not end up with two black or two white sections next to each other.

Sunburst Glam Armoire by Tracey's Fancy

Once the sunburst was marked I then painted every other section using Silk paint in Anchor. This required two coats. And as you can see, I painted the large circle and then changed my paint of the sunburst to its opposing color…. black to white and white to black. I also wrapped each sunburst line around the side panels and carried the color around to the sides. Then I just stood back and celebrated how fabulous it already looked!

Sunburst Glam Armoire by Tracey's Fancy

Adding some Gold GLAM

Time to bring on the GOLD! I chose gold leaf for this armoire as I really wanted to bring home the GLAM and nothing shimmers quite like gold leafing. I applied the leafing adhesive to the center circle, the hardware, and the base and legs. It is important to wait at least 30 minutes for the adhesive paste to reach tack. Once it does you can apply your leaf sheets. This gold leaf application did exactly what I envisioned…… drove home that other WOW in the overall design!

Sunburst Glam Armoire by Tracey's Fancy

Bonus Glam INSIDE

And if that wasn't enough, I needed to add one last dose of glam to the inside doors! My membership group has been asking for a tutorial on what I call "wonky check" so we did this LIVE together and I love it! I painted a blended sunset palette and then overlaid the black wonky check. It is completely unexpected and offers a nice relief from the stark contrast of black and white on the outside as well as the straight lines of the sunburst!

Sunburst Glam Armoire by Tracey's Fancy
Sunburst Glam Armoire by Tracey's Fancy

Oddly enough…. the armoire was painted gold on the inside of the body when I acquired it so I left it as it was! It's almost as if it was meant to be!

Sunburst Glam Armoire by Tracey's Fancy

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Sunburst Glam Armoire by Tracey's Fancy
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