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vintage luggage painted to give it new life

Well, whoever knew that painting a single piece of vintage luggage was going to be this fun (and time-consuming)????

My client asked if I'd be willing to paint her late mother-in-law's vintage luggage. How could I say no? I was honored and it sounded like fun!

vintage luggage paint with London theme by Tracey's Fancy

She provided me with a whimsical English watercolor scene and a few other images and left me to be creative.

I began by priming the entire piece in two coats of Boss gray. I did this not only for adhesion..but I also felt that this old brown leather-type material would likely bleed through my lighter color paints.

I was quite nervous about painting the English scene.....and for some strange reason, I committed to painting it on LIVE broadcast. It may sound crazy....but when I commit to doing things like this in front of forces me to grow. And I'm all about growing in my off I went!

vintage luggage paint with London theme by Tracey's Fancy

I painted the scene in two rounds of live painting without much talking. You can watch the clouds take shape and the buildings and cars come to life in my very "beginner" style.....right here. And click HERE for the full 5-part playlist in YouTube.

I can tell you that I used all Dixie Belle paints and water to achieve this final look. The chalk paints work so beautifully as a watercolor-type paint. They are heavily pigmented and blend so easily! I actually prefer them to a watercolor.....and especially because it allows me to do watercolor type finishes on furniture! After the scene had a few days to dry.....I finished and sealed it with Top Coat in Satin.

vintage luggage paint with London theme by Tracey's Fancy

One side to go.....

The flip side....the flags! Wowza......all I will say about this was it took a LOT of measuring and a LOT of patience! I drew everything out in pencil first.

I used brushes with angled edges in all sizes.

I even hand-painted all fifty can see that in this little video snippet here.

vintage luggage paint with London theme by Tracey's Fancy

And now my favorite....the bold red stripes on each side!

vintage luggage paint with London theme by Tracey's Fancy

I do this using the same burnish technique that I've mentioned so many times before.

PRO TIP: Burnish you edges when painting stripes - paint...tape....paint edges of the tape with your base coat.....paint stripes with contrast color....remove tape when wet.

You can see me paint the stripes below or the full 5-part series on my YouTube channel.

I then sealed the entire piece in Top Coat satin for protection. I am soooooo happy with it ....and really enjoyed pushing myself out of my comfort zone!

vintage luggage paint with London theme by Tracey's Fancy

Most paints used in this product are listed in the shop section below. You can just click and shop! I also mentioned the videos. These are on my YouTube channel....and the playlist for this entire vintage luggage project can be found over there. I would love for you to subscribe to my channel if you haven't already! Just click that subscribe button and that is it!

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See you next week!



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