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How to Apply Stencil on Natural Wood Furniture: Bone Inlay Side Table

While I am not usually drawn to the natural and simple look in my creative process......I do appreciate it and have many natural furniture pieces in my own home. 

I made this piece for my younger sister and I'll be looking for a second table similar to this style to repeat this same finish....because I love how this turned out so very much and can't wait to stencil on more natural wood furniture pieces!

Bone Inlay Stencil on Natural Wood Furniture | Traceys Fancy

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Before Applying Stencil in Natural Wood

I purchased this table from a local thrift store for just $10.

side table from thrift store before paint

It had been previously painted and the top surface was a mess.

side table from thrift store before paint

I gave the body a light sand...just knocking away any loose or flaking paint. 

However the top surface I used my electric sander to remove all of the paint and expose the real wood.  

Supplies Used: Stencil on Natural Wood Furniture

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Bone Inlay Side Table: How to Apply Stencil on Natural Wood Furniture

Applying a stencil on natural wood furniture piece is quite an easy process. I will outline exactly the steps I took on this cute little thrifted side table.

Painting the Base Layer in Drop Cloth White

I painted the base of the table in Drop Cloth.

It was that simple....two coats of paint and done.  This part was complete in 30-40 minutes!

Adding Bone Inlay Stencil Pattern to Natural Wood Furniture Top

I chose the Bone Inlay stencil by Dixie Belle to add the pattern on the wood top. 

I LOVE this stencil! It can be used in so many ways to create numerous designs!

bone inlay stencil on top painted side table | Traceys Fancy

I cannot wait to use this on a much larger piece and really have fun with the options that it offers!

For this simple design I used the Bone Inlay stencil, the color Drop Cloth, and a Oval Medium Brush, and the pouncing technique.  

I did this on a live video so I do not have great photos of the process. But it's really easy to use and when I use it again I will make sure to document the process with photos!  

Conditioning & Protecting the Wood Surface

The painted pattern dried quickly! But I realized the wood surface was very dry! 


So I chose Hemp Oil to both condition the wood AND seal and protect the painted surface. 

Look at this side by side of the before and after of the wood!

Table top with bone inlay stencil and hemp oil applied to one half

Holy Moly.....if you ever have an opportunity to use Hemp Oil on raw it! That dry wood was instantly transformed from a dry and light colored a rich and deep colored wood!  

Bone Inlay Stencil on Natural Wood Furniture | Traceys Fancy

Hemp Oil makes a great protectant for raw wood as well as leather and even painted furniture! And it makes a great top coat for painted items that will be outdoors!

The Finished Look: stencil on natural wood furniture

I love this simple finish....and I look forward to repeating this stencil on natural wood furniture process on a second side table hopefully very soon!  

Bone Inlay Stencil on Natural Wood Furniture | Traceys Fancy

Bone Inlay Stencil on Natural Wood Furniture | Traceys Fancy

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Bone Inlay Stencil on Natural Wood Furniture | Traceys Fancy

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