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Whimsical Mad Hatter Painted Signs

Hello all!

If you've followed me for any length of time, you know what a lover I am of all things Alice in Wonderland! I've even wanted to make my own Personalized 5D DIY Diamond painting, but for now, I've decided to do something a little different, whimsical Mad Hatter painted signs!

Today I have a little mad hatter painted signs collection that was all SOOOOO easy to do......and would make such an impact on your next Alice or Mad Hatter or Rabbit Hole party!

All you need is a little plywood.... a closet rod.... a few frames... a couple of thrift store mirrors.... ribbon.... and of course... PAINT!

The Queen of Heart Soldiers were simply drawn onto a sheet of plywood. My husband - Mr. Fancy - used a jig saw to cut out the shapes. And then HE painted them! Not kidding. He painted both without me even asking! So weird........ and trust me... it's NOT the norm! But he did a great job and I certainly wish he'd jump in there more often!

The mad hatter painted signs image I found on Pinterest. I drew my version onto a sheet of plywood and painted it. Mr Fancy then built a frame for it...just as he builds the frames for my wall art. You can find more of those here. I lovelovelovelove the striped frame!!! I distressed this piece, both the frame and the painting itself, and love the effect it gave. It looks like chalkboard art!

The "direction" sign was the easiest of any of the signs. Mr Fancy cut the arrows from plywood for me. And I used stencils to make the words. I VERY rarely use stencils, but I felt it made the sign look more like what you would actually see on the side of the road. I distressed the arrows and he screwed them right into the wooden closet rod. So easy!

Let's talk about those frames! I saw this on Pinterest for a wedding venue in soft muted tones and just loved it. I had all four frames already...and coated each in a single coat of paint. Mr Fancy cut the clocks from plywood...and I stenciled the numbers on the faces. We then laid out the frames and clocks and screwed them all together to make one large hanging piece. I attached satin ribbon in multiple colors to give it at Mad Hatter vibe. This collage wall hanging/backdrop is my favorite of all the signs!!!

The signs that received the most attention were the harlequin-patterned thrift store mirror signs! This was a matching set of dresser mirrors probably circa 1975! We removed the mirrors and I literally painted the backboard that was already there. They were a horrid walnut brown.... and just look at them! I've done signs just like this so many times! Old mirrors make amazing signs!


Would I really hang them on my door?? LOL! NO! I did this because the colors really looked good for the photos.... AND so you could see how big they really were!


I love seeing them side by side!


I did lightly distress the harlequin AND the gold trim. As for the harlequin pattern....this is not a stencil and I did not tape this off. I used the same technique I use when painting a larger harlequin and you can see a short video clip of that here in another blog.


I hope this inspires you to take your party decor to the next level... and to do it with style! It really doesn't take much effort... and the cost for this total mad hatter painted sign collection was minimal! Paint changes everything!!!

Alice in Wonderland Painted Signs | Wall Decor Ideas | DIY Party Sign Ideas | Painting tips by Tracey's Fancy

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