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Whimsy Holiday Serving Tray

Serving up the holiday spirit with this Whimsy Holiday Serving Tray!

Final Display of Whimsy Holiday Serving Tray made by Tracey's Fancy

Sometimes the thrifting fairies deliver you a JACKPOT when you are least expecting it!

I almost did a little happy dance when I stumbled upon this adorable (well, not in its current state, but I had a vision!) scalloped tray in Goodwill! Someone had made an honest attempt at painting it red, but it just didn't quite work.

Found serving tray that was found at a Goodwill that could be used for the Whimsy Holiday Serving Tray

Red serving tray used to make the Whimsy Holiday Serving Tray

But you want to know why this tray excited me the most?

I have seen this exact tray and many other versions of it online lately for anywhere between $199 and $249!!!! I'm not even kidding! Look up scalloped trays under the brands Southern Living, Houzz, Catlin Wilson... I could go on! And they don't even have feet on them!

This tray was $4.99!!!!! That deserves a happy dance!

And do you know what I love about this one? The little holes!!

I can change out the ribbon for every holiday, or leave without ribbon!

This means I have options!

I LOVE options!

Catch the whole process on YouTube:

So I painted this tray in Dixie Belle's Fluff. It took two coats to cover the red madness.

Applying painters tape for spacing of stripes

Painting with fluff to edge of stripes for Whimsy Holiday Serving Tray

I sanded back lightly to make it smooth before continuing on with Caviar black.

I used 1.5" painter's tape to tape off my stripe pattern around the perimeter of the tray, making sure to use a spacer piece to even spacing.

Painting on stripes with caviar for Whimsy Holiday Serving Tray

Removing tape when paint is wet for crisp lines

Showing stripes result from removing the painters tape

Our Whimsy holiday Serving Tray is coming together!

Using Fluff again, I burnished the edges of the tape to ensure crisp lines! No one likes messy lines!

Caviar is such a fabulous black and is my go-to for stripes! I painted a single coat of black for the stripes, immediately removing the tape for PERFECTLY crisp lines!!!

While this dried, I pulled out the little bag of wooden candle sticks that I bought at Hobby Lobby. These make the best feet for trays! I gave each one a single coat of Fluff white.

Supplies used to create legs for standing Whimsy Holiday Serving Tray

Using Tite Bond wood glue, I glued the candlesticks to the underside of the tray in the outer four corners. I allowed this to dry for several hours before flipping the tray over.

Applying titebond glue to legs for standing serving tray

I gave the tray a light coat of EZ PZ spray wax to seal the chalk mineral paint and offer a bit of protection.

Now onto the best part of this Whimsy Holiday Serving Tray!


I chose an Umber Brown/Terracotta satin ribbon paired with a Harvest Gold satin ribbon, and wound them in and out through the holes and around the perimeter of the tray! I tied it off with a big simple floppy bow!

Adding autumn colored ribbon to Whimsy Holiday Serving Tray

Can you believe this Whimsy Holiday Serving Tray glow-up?

Isn't it adorable????

I will be keeping this beauty for myself!

My very expensive super chic on-trend tray that I picked up as someone else's tossed aside trash!

My day is made!!!

Makeovers don't have to be BIG to be EXCITING!

I saved a dime (well a bunch of them), got to get my craft on, and now I get to serve from an adorable tray this Thanksgiving....and Christmas.....and my birthday.....and....and.....and!

Keep your eyes open! What's someone else's trash could be your next treasure!

Completed Whimsy Holiday Serving Tray with ribbon and seasonal decor

Some more easy DIY ideas for you:

Easy DIY Lazy Susan design with stains and spinning component from Amazon. Color blocking was done with American honey stain, Colonial black stain, and Picklin' white stain. This is an original design by whimsical artist Tracey's Fancy. Design is food safe because of hemp oil used for sealant.

Personalized TV trays made with Dixie Belle Chalk mineral paint

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