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5 Gorgeous Gray Tufted Headboards

Crawley Upholstered Wingback Headboard Gray Tufted Headboard

I recently helped a client with a quick and easy master-bedroom makeover. While searching for gray tufted headboard options.....I was SHOCKED to see so many GOOD deals and great options on Wayfair. It got me so excited.....that I decided to throw it up on my blog and share it with all of you! * I am not paid to promote Wayfair furniture at all. I have listed affiliate links for your shopping convenience. If you do purchase any of these items I could a small commission (than you!) but there will be no additional charge to you.

Binne Upholstered Panel Headboard Gray Tufted Headboard
Crawley Upholstered Wingback Headboard Gray Tufted headboards
Bennett Queen Upholstered Panel Headboard Gray Tufted Headboard
Turin Upholstered Panel Bed Gray Tufted Headboard

This massive wingback headboard is my favorite (and biggest price tag of all that I am sharing)! It is perfect for the COUPLE who spends time in bed sitting up with laptops and reading glasses...LOL....(insert me and Mr. Fancy). It just sort of says.....climb on in....grab the remote....and let's hangout right here for hours! You can purchase the Crawley Upholstered Wingback Headboard HERE and have it delivered to your right to your doorstep. Now this gray tufted headboard really stopped in me in my tracks! It has such a Restoration Hardware flare without the RH price tag! The wood trim with the natural wash against the rich velvet is just stunning. AND it's versatile!!! You could dress it UP with crystal chandeliers or DOWN with raw woods! You can purchase the Binne Upholstered Panel Headboard here. I chose this headboard for its subtle touch of feminine. Just that slight lift and center curve adds a softness to the overall look without being too feminine for a couple's room. I also really enjoy the large row of "cable humps" made by the seams across the top....LOL! Is that weird? You can purchase the Cleveland Upholstered Panel Headboard HERE. Okay....this one is just It had to be included. It's simple.....not fussy.....just the right size....and expected. It works well for a clean and modern decor. It's also very suitable for anyone wanting to display feature art above their headboard. You can purchase the Bennett Queen Upholstered Panel Headboard HERE. And last but not least......the one we chose for my client!!! My client was drawn to this headboard because of the shape. Very much like the Cleveland that I shared above....she liked the curve and lift to the center. This curve is slightly larger...but the boxy-ness of the overall piece keeps it from being too feminine. I was drawn to its "BORDER". I really like borders and boundaries.....they keep me balanced. This headboard stands out to me for this very reason! You can purchase the Turin Upholstered Panel Bed here.

Gray Tufted Headboards

Well that was fun! And EASY!!!! A heck of a lot easier than PAINTING headboards.....LOL! Don't worry.....I will always PAINT headboards. I just enjoy bedroom makeovers way too much! AS long as there are creative clients around....seeking unique and "out of the box" soulful pieces of furniture to represent their passions and personalities......I will paint them! I've listed a few of my favorites in the gallery below!

My Painted Headboards

Need some design help? I recently worked with this client who lives in another state to redesign her bedroom. I'd love to help you create the bedroom of your sweet dreams...

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