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Accent Wall: DIY Buffalo Check Wall

How to Paint a Buffalo Check Wall | Tracey's Fancy

I am so excited to share my version of a Buffalo check patterned wall with you that I can't even wait for the entire nursery installation. The nursery design is by Katy Mimari, owner of Caden Lane and Nursery Couture, and will be revealed soon…but for now….I will share with you my wall!

Things you will need:

How to Paint a Buffalo Check Wall | Tracey's Fancy
  1. Paint (usually 4 colors but I only used 3)

  2. Pencil

  3. Tape Measure (I actually used a 12"x12" piece of scrapbook paper)

  4. Level (mine had a laser light)

  5. Painters Tape

  6. Roller

  7. Roller Tray

  8. Paint Brush (for cutting in)

  9. ladder

  10. drop cloth

How to Paint a Buffalo Check Wall | Tracey's Fancy

You will need to paint your entire wall a base color. This wall was already painted a base of gray which was part of the design plan so I was able to cut out that step.

I then began in the top left corner with a 12" x 12" piece of cardstock scrapbook paper (because we wanted the squares to be 12" each….you can make them any size you want). I traced the square…and then moved it to the right along the ceiling line marking 12" with it. I then moved down the left wall edge and marked 12" with it again.

How to Paint a Buffalo Check Wall | Tracey's Fancy

Next….I used my handy little laser level to shoot a beam across the wall from each marked edge to tape my horizontal lines. I didn't even draw the line….I just taped the wall where the light beam was.

How to Paint a Buffalo Check Wall | Tracey's Fancy

Here is how the wall looks with my taped lines.

IMPORTANT NOTE: when taping stripes remember to tape outside your marked line on every other row. When you look at the photo below you will notice every other line is fat/skinny/fat/skinny.

How to Paint a Buffalo Check Wall | Tracey's Fancy

You then paint your second color by filling in the fatter horizontal lines shown below.

How to Paint a Buffalo Check Wall | Tracey's Fancy

I then removed the tape and was ready to begin my vertical lines. I prefer to move my tape while the paint is still wet/damp. There is less chance of pulling paint off the wall when you do this.

How to Paint a Buffalo Check Wall | Tracey's Fancy

Let those stripes dry and begin the vertical stripes. (hint: I used a heat gun to dry my paint faster!).

Once again I used my laser level to shoot the beam down vertically from my pre-marked lines across the ceiling edge….and taped. I painted the 3rd color filling in the fat lines.

I mentioned using a 4th color…but this was not necessary for us with this color scheme. Usually….a 4th color…. is painted over the square space where the two darker colors cross over each other (here it would be the navy and gray intersection). This would make it appear darker than where it crosses over the white. But because our navy and white are so contrasting…..where they intersect was much lighter naturally….and offered two colors of navy already!

I know that sounds really confusing…..I'm just hoping you follow. LOL!

How to Paint a Buffalo Check Wall | Tracey's Fancy

And here it is!!!! My Tracey's Fancy version of a DIY:Buffalo Check Plaid Accent Wall! Isn't it fabulous???? And I can't begin to tell you how easy this was! I worked completely alone…and INCLUDING dry time….it took me exactly 4 hours to complete. The design plan for this nursery is being done by Katy Mimari, owner of Nursery Couture/Caden Lane….and it is adorable! I predict it will be a huge hit for expecting Mommas of baby boys! I'm honored to be a part of it. I will also be painting a fabulous dresser for this space….and the wall art for above the crib. I can't wait to share Katy's blog with you once it is completed!

How to Paint a Buffalo Check Wall | Tracey's Fancy

To be honest though….this wall is so versatile! I can see it as an accent wall in a bathroom, office, library or sitting room! I would love to do a black/white/gray version…..OR even better….a hot pink/coral/white version for a little girls room!!!

You can also use this same technique to paint an accent wall of just stripes! PERFECT STRIPES!


I've put together a one-stop shop for this project right here:

You may also want to check out my quick video snap of how to paint perfect lines every single time! (I did not use this technique on this project because the home owner did not have any of the basecoat paint left over…and I wish she had!! I had slight bleed around my tape and had to go back with a tiny brush to clean up and make sharp edges)

And if you are in the market for a feature piece to put ON your accent wall…check out my large wall art in my Etsy shop here…



Please share my Buffalo Plaid Accent Wall and follow me on Pinterest!

how to paint a buffalo check wall | Accent Wall Ideas | Plaid Wall | Painting Tips by Tracey's Fancy
How to Paint Perfect Stripes | Accent Wall Ideas | Striped Wall | Focal Wall | Painting Tips by Tracey's Fancy
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