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Black and White Succulent Garden

And so my cactus obsession continues......

I. Don't. Do. Plants.

I wish I did....but it really is not fair to the it never survives!

To be quite honest with you, I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I'm following the advice of all my friends, but nothing seems to be working.

The only good thing about not having any plants is that at least I don't have to suffer from a pest problem. One of my best friends, who is an avid gardener, loves being able to plant new flowers in her garden, but every time she looks at it, there is always a bee or a wasp nesting on top of it.

She's always ringing me up telling me about how they'd manage to creep into her home and how she can't get rid of them. The last time I spoke to her, she told me that she was getting in touch with a service that specializes in terminix in indiana because she just didn't know what to do next. They're meant to be going in the next few days, so hopefully, her pest problem will be sorted soon.

Even though I'm sad that I don't have any surviving plants of my own, I'm just glad that I've avoided a problem like this.

So that's when I thought I'd try my hand at succulents......but really I think I just wanted to PAINT POTS!

How cute is this little succulent garden???? I didn't even realize there were this many types of succulents until I started my collection. Check out this list of favorites to find many other variations.

I have recently created the best outdoor setting to host garden parties and I have been looking for new scenery to go with my new gorgeous outside furniture. I never thought about using succulents outside in the garden but this is why I love them so much because you can literally put them anywhere and they'll look fantastic!

Let me give you a few tips on how you too....can paint cute little succulent garden pots for your outside just one or two easy steps....using Heritage Collection All-In-One Paint!

(This post contains some affiliate links to the products I used -- and loved!)

Black and White Cactus Decor + DIY Succulent Garden by Tracey's Fancy

Remember my Crazy about Cactus post? See how cute those pots are? I wanted some for my home!

Succulent Container Garden + Crazy About Cactus Decor | Tracey's Fancy

You can find clay pots of all different sizes at your local hardware stores or plant nurseries. If you'd rather get them the lazy way - Amazon has some cute tiny ones for succulents and many other options.

Black and White Cactus Decor + DIY Succulent Garden by Tracey's Fancy

I took my little pot collection outside and spray painted one simple and fast coat of Kilz Primer on them.

They literally dried in about 10 minutes....and I brought them in for a little paint therapy and fun!

TIP: If you want to add designs to often use acrylic paints. Acrylic paints need to be "sealed". If you use "sealer" over white paint or light-colored will yellow very quickly once place outdoors in the sun! THIS IS WHY I chose to use my Heritage Collection paints! They do NOT require a sealer!!! It is built into the product....and will NOT yellow when place outside in the elements! So my cute little artwork will look fabulous for a very long time!!!! (think outdoor furniture...outdoor statues....think wooden pergolas....outdoor decor of any kind)

I gave every pot that I wanted to be white..... one brushed on single coat of Cashmere (white). The paint dries very quickly....and is smooth as butter! I then begin my design work.

Black and White Cactus Decor + DIY Succulent Garden by Tracey's Fancy

I brushed on one single stripe in Heritage Collection Iron Gate (black). This was fun...but a little tedious...and then I remembered something I'd seen on Instagram!!!

Black and White Cactus Decor + DIY Succulent Garden by Tracey's Fancy

How fun is this????? I am using a record player to spin my pot...while I just hold my brush in place and make the stripe! I honestly think if I had to do a factory job....and sit and do ONE thing all day.....this would be the job!!!! It was sooooooo satisfying!!!! Just know you are going to try this too!

Ok.....After I painted several pots using the record player technique.....I needed to move on to another design. Polka-dots!!!

I brushed on one quick coat of Iron Gate (black)....and primer needed when painting black or any other dark color. Heritage medium to dark colors have fantastic coverage and require zero priming.

Black and White Cactus Decor + DIY Succulent Garden by Tracey's Fancy

Once dry.....and it dries so quickly.....I used Cashmere to make my jumbo polka-dots in my handy "spin your brush" technique.

Black and White Cactus Decor + DIY Succulent Garden by Tracey's Fancy

In this video I actually demonstrate that technique for you.....

I painted many other pots too! I used my finger tip and a pencil eraser to make the tiny swiss dots on the pots that you see below.

Now this is the kicker folks.....once my designs were finished.....I was done!!!

No sealer needed!!!!!! No clear coat needed!!!!! My black and white succulent garden pot collection was completed in just a couple of REALLY fun steps thanks to Heritage Collection All-in-one Paint that is completely tough enough for the outdoors!

Time to plant these puppies!!!

It is not very often you will find me covered in potting soil rather than paint! But it was so worth it! Just look how cute they are!!!

Black and White Cactus Decor + DIY Succulent Garden by Tracey's Fancy

So head to Heirloom Tradition Paints to order your Heritage Collection Paints....or better yet.....visit your local Do It Best Hardware store! They are now stocking this fabulous paint that is NOT meant JUST FOR FURNITURE and CABINETS!!!!

Black and White Cactus Decor + DIY Succulent Garden by Tracey's Fancy

Say a little prayer for this succulent will need all the help it can get to stay alive!

If you're going to make your own garden, you can order this collection of 20 succulents straight from Amazon! So cute.

If you want to see more cactus decor, you have to see my Crazy About Cactus Decor post - you will see so many of these cute black and white potted plants. I also sell some painted black and white pots of my own on upcycled cable spools!


The new All-in-One Heritage Collection is available at all Do It Best stores! Simply search to find a local retailer near you. You can also order online at

Would you like to see more of my fancy designs and insight into my design process?! Sign up to get my blog newsletter here.

See you next week!



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DIY Black and White Succulent Garden with painted pots by Tracey's Fancy | Container Gardening Ideas | Plant Tablescape
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