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Bold Cobalt Blue Desk to brighten up a work space

Is your work space lacking personality???

Are you sitting at a boring desk all day???

Emily (my friend and invaluable team member) I changed that! On a visit to her home.....I changed the look of her workspace by painting this desk in just a few short hours on a Saturday morning! It really is so easy to do once get over the fear of change and stop overthinking the process!

Just choose a color that makes you happy and DO IT!!!

bold cobalt blue desk by Tracey's Fancy

If you are a new reader, hello and welcome to the Fancy Fam! With over a decade of furniture painting experience, I can honestly say that sharing my projects through this blog is still my favorite way to inspire! I've got years worth of fun and creative ways to update your home decor and furniture through paint! If this sounds like something you'd like to have delivered to you every Sunday be sure to sign up for my weekly newsletter her

Before cobalt blue desk makeover

You can see below....Emily's desk in its "before" state.....not ugly....just sort of boring in the space. She has the beautiful artwork between the two "already enough brown" we chose to pull the vibrant cobalt blue from the canvas for the desk!

bold cobalt blue desk by Tracey's Fancy

I chose Cobalt Blue by Dixie Belle! It is such a rich and true blue that you can't help but love it! I applied only two coats of the paint....using my favorite brush (Dixie Belle FL...meaning "flat large"). When you paint something this the time you cover all the surface is already dry and ready for the second coat once you get back around to where you started!

Painting the Desk Cobalt Blue

bold cobalt blue desk by Tracey's Fancy

For those of you that ask how much paint to use on a piece this size.....this 16 oz jar covered an entire executive desk leaving about half the jar of paint in the end! It really does have incredible coverage and a little bit goes a very long way!

bold cobalt blue desk by Tracey's Fancy

Applying the Glaze

I allowed the paint to dry and rest for about two hours. I then returned to "glaze" the desk. I made my own "glaze" with Dixie Belle's Caviar black paint.....mixed with water....about 1:1. I worked in sections....painting the mixture on with a brush and wiping back off with a wet paper towel. The dark color settled in the cracks of the desk and overall toned the vibrancy of the blue. It instantly aged and deepened the overall look which is exactly what Emily wanted!

I allowed that to dry before applying Gator Hide Sealer as the top coat. You can see the gorgeous sheen on the legs of the desk below. This is the reason I use Gator Hide! It leaves the most gorgeous sheen!! I applied three thin coats of the sealer for the final finish.

bold cobalt blue desk by Tracey's Fancy

The Finish Look in the finished space

The leg of Emily's desk needed we were unable to move it around for proper staging. But I was able to grab this photo before I left town. You can certainly see what a difference it makes in her office space! It allows the space to flow nicely with her adjoining master bedroom...which is accents with cobalt as well.

If you love this bold vibrant cobalt blue as much as I do, you should see my cobalt blue dresser with metallic hardware. It's equally fun and vibrant!

It was such an easy project......yet makes such a huge impact on the space! And more than anything.....EMILY love her new bold cobalt blue desk! It is my hope that she will feel like the rockstar and girl boss that she really is while she works from this room!

bold cobalt blue desk by Tracey's Fancy


The products listed here are what I used for this bold cobalt blue desk! Dixie Belle Paint company offers amazing products that will make all of your projects successful no matter what your skill level! You can also find my favorite products and tools in my Amazon influencer list here.

DB White Lightning Cleaner

Dixie Belle Paint Brushes

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