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Cobalt Blue Dresser with Metallic Hardware

Cobalt Blue Dresser with Metallic Handles Tracey's Fancy

So often this vintage Early American style furniture is passed right over by DIY-ers!

Cobalt Blue Dresser with
Cobalt Blue Dresser with Metallic Handles Tracey's Fancy

There is something about it that people seem to turn their noses up to. I'm not sure if it is the color of the original wood....the boxy style with hard lines.....the lack of detail...or the hardware. Whatever it is.....this makeover just might change things! * This post may contain affiliate links, I could make a commission at no charge to you if you purchase my recommended products. Please read my disclosure here. This dresser became instantly GLAM with only two coats of Cobalt Blue paint......a little color blending with Caviar to add depth and needed detail to the drawer fronts.....and its original hardware put back into place! Because this cobalt blue dresser was a custom order for a client and would be used in a "farmhouse" nursery.... I knew I needed to make over the hardware...but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to snap a photo of it in my own office against my wallpaper! (PS- if you love the wallpaper, you can find it here.) It really shows the versatility of furniture! Leaving the hardware original took this piece straight to sassy and glam! Now let's check out the "farmhouse" version..... Same dresser.....revamped hardware.....and a simple backdrop! Still a showstopper! This dresser will sit proudly in its new space....a simple and soft gray serene nursery......with this one pop of color! And the highlighting on the drawer fronts really gives it a rustic and aged feel....that works well with the "farmhouse" vibe going on in the nursery. I used Caviar by Dixie Belle Paint for this highlighting technique and hope to have a tutorial out soon on exactly how to create this same look! (In the mean time, check out my other tutorials here.) The switch to the silver, or faux galvanized steel, hardware made such a difference in its overall look. The handles were soooooo easy to convert! I used the galvanized steel accessory pieces that my client already had as my inspiration. I simply sprayed the dresser with my favorite metallic spray paint......dried it with my heat gun for a few seconds....and then used the Spanish Copper Rub 'n Buff to age it. These were her decorating These were my client's farmhouse home decor that we wanted to match. They totally go with the style of the dresser now. Once again....this side by side photo shows you the subtle change....that opens up so much versatility for a style of furniture that most DIY-ers are NOT even interested in! I hope this inspires you to see the beauty in a piece that you have maybe tossed aside in your own home! Find a color that speaks to you! Be brave! And go for it!


The products listed here are exactly what I used on this dresser and the hardware.   Dixie Belle Paint company offers great products that will make all of your projects successful no matter what your skill level is! I've also included my tools and some of the client's decor items (or similar) from Hobby Lobby.

If you would like to paint your own furniture....but lack confidence with where to start....I offer furniture design consultation!  Contact me here and we can get you started on your next project!

Would you like to see more of my unique art designs, fancy furniture makeovers and insight into my design process?! Sign up to get my emails here. See you next week! XOXO, Tracey

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Bright Cobalt Blue Dresser Makeover by Tracey's Fancy with DixieBellePaint #Bluefurniture Blue Painted Furniture #paintcolorblue
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