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Free Ultimate Furniture Painting Guide

Colorful Paint Blended Furniture Ideas

Nothing makes me feel more like an artist than when I'm paint blending on a furniture surface!

Which is really kind of silly...since any painting process is a form of art.

And it's even sillier since paint blending is a much faster and easier technique than almost any other painting technique that I use!!!

But there is just nothing like using multiple colors....and multiple the same time!!!

Painted Blanket Chest-Tracey's Fancy-After 1_

And you don't have to STAY INSIDE THE LINES!!!

It's painting FREEDOM!!

You throw down some paint....spritz a little water.....swoosh the brushes in multiple directions....and watch new colors form!!!

Painted Blended Furniture by Tracey's Fancy

It just requires a brave (or maybe just curious) soul.....that is willing to spend a little time trying something new.....and can appreciate magical results!

Grunge Painted Dresser-Tracey's Fancy

If you are a furniture painter....and you've never tried a color blending's time!

It is the most "free-ing" process.....especially if you are as Type A is I am!!!

I am really enjoying mixing the organic look of blended colors ......with my whimsical style.....for an unexpected finished product.

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Paint Blended Furniture Ideas

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